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Spurs assign James Anderson to Toros


Appears that Anderson is heading back to Austin to get some more playing time.

James Anderson is missing from the Toros lineup, but the Toros on at Noon


You could be watching James Anderson and the Austin Toros play New Mexico at Noon Spurs time, but James is not at the game and not on the Toro's lineup today. What could this mean?

Watch James Anderson in action tonight!


TONIGHT - January 27, 2011 @ 7:30pm CST Watch the NBA D-League Western Conference Austin Toros with James Anderson and Marcus Cousin play the Western Conference New Mexico Thunderbirds. This will be a great chance for Spurs fans to see James Anderson in action during his second game of a recovery stint on the Spurs Austin D-League affiliate Toros. Follow the link to the 'Schedules' page, find the date and teams (near the top) and then click on the "Futurecast" link in the Broadcast column. The link is here.

NBA Fanhouse: Toros grab some new blood


For those of you who like to keep up with the Toros.

Bonner Brothers!


saw this on the Spurs website. Going to try the Matt Bonner challenge soon. And how has a sandwich shop NOT got him as a sponsor yet? It baffles me.

RU picks the Toros to win D-League title

1. Austin Toros - They have to be the favorites - the combination of Curtis Jerrells, Marcus Williams and Dwayne Jones is almost certainly the best 3-man team in the D-League. If San Antonio assigns Alonzo Gee (and/or Garrett Temple) to the mix, they get that much better. With Quin Snyder coaching and a lot of guys (Squeaky Johnson, Eric Dawson, Williams and Jones) that have been in the system for awhile, I can't pick against them. Good times, good times.

Blanchard Analyses Hairston's and Mahinmi's play


Very interesting analysis of the play by play of Hairston and Mahinmi in the Houston game. What I find most surprising is Mahinmi's ability to defend the p&r. Its a clear weakness so far for us. Im starting to think the Spurs are hesitant to play him more because they dont want to increase his value for this year's free agency.

Hairston to travel with team to replace Finley


I dont know if anybody posted this previously but here it is. Hairston has not been recalled yet.

Austin Toros To Fundamentally Alter Their Team


Dance team. Tee hee. I have a feeling Ian might not want to come back from Austin.

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