State of the Spurs

Pop needs to sit everyone against OKC

I give you four good reasons why, when the average layman can probably only come up with like three. That's good value for you.

It's time to sit Tim

The Spurs are led by Pop, and Pop wants his players rested for the playoffs. What better time than the present, with the next four games coming against cupcakes?

The Spurs need to gun for the league's best record

As loathe as they are to admit it, it's impossible to notice how the role players perform for both these teams at home versus the road. How can anyone think it doesn't matter?

Now it's time to set the rotation

How much did the Spurs starting five play together? Not much. Only 12.2 percent of their season total through 59 games. No big deal.

The Spurs' mid-season report card: Part 3

Come for the grades, stay for the latest ESPN rant.

The Spurs' mid-season report card: Part 2

In part two of Stampler's Spurs grades at the halfway point he hands out grades for Boris Diaw, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Danny Green.

The Spurs' mid-season report card: Part 1

Which Spurs have been good and which have been bad? And who keeps putting Gatorade cups on the principal's chair? Halfway through the season, it's time to hand out grades once again.

Spurs at their best without one of their best

While teams across the league struggle to deal with injuries, the Spurs have kept on keeping on whenever one of their best guys have missed games. Is the secret extra sharp focus? Is it other guys stepping up? Or is it a scheduling quirk? Yes.

Garnett is done, Ginobili not so much

Spurs fans have enjoyed many Duncan vs. Garnett battles over the years, and more often than not their guy has come out on top. What happened on New Year's Eve though wasn't a battle and it wasn't fun. It was just sad.

Grading the Spurs at the Quarter Pole: Part 2

Stampler picks apart Ginobili, Parker, Leonard, Splitter, Green, Joseph and Mills in this, the second part of his grades for the first 20 games of the season.


Stampler Reviews the Spurs at the Quarter Pole

Stampler picks apart Duncan, Diaw, Belinelli and four guys you don't care as much about, and the author gets annoyed by stat discrepancies.

Stampler & JRW: The Spurs at the quarter pole

Here are the ground rules: Both writers get 5-6 minutes to reply. JRW starts by asking Stampler a question, and he has to include another question with his reply. They take turns and cover everything noteworthy from the first 25% of the season.

Stampler sticks up for Kawhi, rants about Rockets

In which your humble narrator humbly suggests that the Spurs' head coach place more faith in his 22-year-old prodigy than he has in his soft, soulless sandwich hunter.

A SportVU number for every player

The Spurs have been using advanced analytics for years, but this is the first season many of these numbers have been made available to us fans. As we reflect on San Antonio's strong 9-1 start,...

Stampler's NBA Preview Part 10: Magic and Bobcats

Finally all done with the East. Just 15 teams to preview after the season starts!

On Jim Boylen, the wing situation & more

Let's have a look at some of the small storylines to watch as the Spurs go through training camp and pre-season.

The Spurs are in a great place, cap-wise

The Spurs didn't make any headline-worthy acquisitions this off-season but they executed their signings with the same flawless precision as their pick and rolls. Let's take a look at how San Antonio finds itself in an enviable situation

The State of the Big Three: Finals Edition

The Spurs have rode the backs of the Big Three into the NBA Finals.

The Spurs don't flop - and other thoughts

While we wait for the Eastern teams to finish their series let's talk about flopping, coach Bud's departure, how a good offense is all about spacing and what makes the Spurs the Spurs

State of the Spurs: Player by player analysis

Before game six, let's look at how each of the Spurs have performed so far.

State of the Spurs: Big Three edition - Game 2

Timmy, Tony, and Manu must continue to meet expectations and provide what the Spurs require of them to make a deep playoff run. On Wednesday night in Game 2, each of them built on their Game 1 performances , showing some positive signs moving ahead.

Playoff trends for the Big 3

Timmy, Tony, and Manu must continue to meet expectations and provide what the Spurs require of them to make a deep playoff run. Who needs to improve upon their performance in Game 1 for the Spurs to have a shot?

Spurs Bench Report - 4/12/13

Since last Friday, the Spurs have gone 1-1. The bench was not only missing Manu Ginobili this week; they were without Stephen Jackson for one game and have lost Boris Diaw. Let's see how the bench guys did in these challenging times.

Update: The Spurs' divisional records

The Spurs have had success in the Southwest Division. How do they stack up against the other divisions in the West?

With Manu out, who will step up?

The Spurs find themselves in the unfortunately familiar situation of having Manu Ginobili out with injury. Can they find a suitable replacement in their bench and stay on top in the West?

Josh Smith rumor, ASW react, & Manu not retiring

Dismissing the Josh-Smith-to-the-Spurs trade rumors, discussing All-Star weekend, dishing Manu's possible retirement -- and more.

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