I survived the Spurs/Kings game

I doubt I'll ever have any grandkids of my own, but I wouldn't even tell your grandkids about this one. It was probably the worst Spurs win I've ever seen in person, which should give you an idea how spoiled I am.

M.I.A. in Miami: What's wrong with the Heat?

The two-time defending champions have 20 losses already. It's March 20. They lost their 20th game of the season last year, on June 1. It was Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Are they just bored, or are they legitimately worse?

Rehash: Spurs roll past Lakers, win 11th straight

You can complain about the defense if you want. All I know is those dudes beat OKC like 10 days ago, it was on national TV and they were fully rested, not having played since last Friday. I'm happy with the W.

Erler and Phil Naessens chat about the Spurs luck

There's a reason they're called "once-in-a-generation" players. They don't come around very often.

Spurs' Western conference competition: LAC & OKC

It turns out other teams besides Miami have really good players. The Grizzlies beat both the Clippers and the Thunder last playoffs, and the Spurs swept the Grizzlies, so ipso facto, the Spurs must be way better than both OKC and LAC, right?

Our Big Three is the best big three, hands down

There are big threes where there are three guys who happen to be teammates a long time and big threes where they're the best three players on the team with plenty of other quality dudes. But what about a big three that never really had much help?

It's time to sit Tim

The Spurs are led by Pop, and Pop wants his players rested for the playoffs. What better time than the present, with the next four games coming against cupcakes?

Erler goes "FJM" style with Zach Lowe

In which your faithful narrator strives, in a self-fulling prophecy, to make a Grantland employee regret ever writing anything nice about the Spurs at all.

Rehash: Spurs blitz Bulls, run streak to seven

We've talked about the new Diaw and the new Mills and even the, literally, new Belinelli. But what about the new Ginobili?

Erler chats w/Phil Naessens about gunning for HCA

Did you know the Spurs didn't have home court advantage in the Finals against Miami last year? No I swear, it's true. In retrospect, I kinda wish they had it.

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