The gift that keeps on giving

What reminds San Antonio fans of the Spurs these days? Anything. Everything. And it's fantastic.

A portrait of Austin Daye


The third in a series of profiles on each member of the 2013-2014 San Antonio Spurs.

I have arrived in San Antonio

A stranger in a strange land chronicles his first few days in San Antonio.

You're welcome, Cleveland


LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. But how did we get here? I'd say it was during the Finals when James saw the way Duncan's career had progressed in his first NBA home.

What went down during the Superfriends' lunch?

It was reported that James, Wade and Bosh ate together to discuss their next moves. But hard news about that meeting is scarce. But that's no issue when there's the imagination to fill in the blanks.

What in the world are the Heat up to?


How many guys has Pat Riley signed so far this summer? Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six...

A portrait of Jeff Ayres


The second in a series of profiles on each member of the 2013-2014 San Antonio Spurs.

A portrait of Gregg Popovich


The first in a series profiles on each member of the 2013-2014 San Antonio Spurs, beginning with Gregg Popovich, the architect of it all.

2014 NBA Draft diary


There were no major trades, the top players all bizarrely got compared to NBA disappointments, and the Spurs didn't take the guy I wanted. Otherwise, that was an awesome way to spend five hours....

A Spurs fan's guide to enjoying the draft


Step one for enjoying the draft: Don't try to make it all about the Spurs.


Could the Spurs be better off w/o Diaw & Mills?


Since the Spurs are keeping their core intact for at least one more season, some shuffling of the bench in free agency wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea.

Why is Tim Duncan going on David Letterman?


Duncan hasn't been on a late night talk show since his rookie season, so of course he's appearing to do the Top Ten List.

Nature, nurture and Kawhi Leonard


Was Kawhi Leonard destined to always be awesome or did the Spurs help him become awesome? I have an idea, but the real answer is: who cares?

A postmortem on the Heat


Maybe the Spurs were angry because they watched film of those 2013 Finals, saw how badly both teams played in some of those games and thought to themselves, "Man, how'd we ever lose to these guys?"

Spurs get their fifth LOB


There's no need to change anything with how the 2013 season ended. It takes the lowest of lows to truly appreciate moments like this.

Tim Duncan: The open book


Call Tim Duncan unreadable, undecipherable and uncrackable if you want. But after 17 years, he's dropped a more than a few clues as to who he really is.

Spurs take their talents to South Beach, rout Heat


So far, this series has played out the 2004 Finals -- with the Spurs as the Pistons and the Heat as the Lakers.

In beating the Heat, the Spurs became the Heat


Of all the weird stats from Game 3, here's the craziest: Matt Bonner shot two free throws in the first quarter of an NBA Finals. For more observations on the NBA Finals ...

Leonard breaks out, Spurs take 2-1 Finals lead


So that's what having a superstar is like. Seems pretty fun. Gotta like the Spurs' chances if Leonard outscores James the rest of the way.

Erler chats with Phil Naessens about Spurs-Heat


Phil cares not for your feelings and is not looking to cheer you up.

MIA wins w/radical "give ball to LeBron" strategy


The Spurs played slow and missed a lot of free throws. This used to be a championship formula once upon a time.

Game 1 notes and observations


The Spurs are the best horrible team ever.

Spurs rally past Heat to take a 1-0 Finals lead


The Spurs had 23 turnovers but won Game 1 against Miami anyway. Now comes the hard part.

Finals Prediction: Do Spurs prefer Motown or Jazz?


Oh man LeBron is gonna be so mad at me.

Grading the WCF & projecting the Finals

A look back at all the hits and misses of the Thunder series, and projecting the match-ups to watch against the Heat.

So long and thanks for playing Fish


Pretty sure Serge Ibaka is out for the playoffs. (No, this isn't my joke, but why should I be original when discussing a team whose coach calls the same three plays all year?)

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