Scenes from the Season

Photos - Running the Pre-game Hotel Gauntlet


ADDITION TO THIS POST ON MONDAY MORNING: Did not get the game photo post done, but here's the link to the Facebook album; Got Those Low-Down Memphis Blues Just a little photo essay about the...

Photos - Manu: "I just play basketball the only way I know how to. . ."


Manu has said many times he only knows one way to play basketball - and that's at full speed. It has been said that "courage is the absence of fear; it is the willingness to do what has to be...

Photos - Keep on Believing


Spurs Jesus was courtside tonight with a reminder for all Spurs Fans: "Believe". I'm going to heed his word. Playoff atmosphere in and around the arena is special. The AT&T Center was decked...

Photos - Spurs JV Gives Us Reason to Cheer


When I left Austin for the game, I knew Manu and Tim would not be playing. Shortly after entering the arena, I got the news that Tony and Dice would also be sitting. I joked with Richard Oliver...

Photos - Warriors Don't Enjoy Spurs' Brazilian Carnival


While every Spurs fan was holding a collective breath as Tim Duncan went down early in the first quarter, Tiago Splitter was instead taking a deep breath as he stepped on to the floor to fill...

Photos - Sit Back and Take It Easy Against the 'Cats


Back in the day, when I was a middle school cheerleader, we had a chant that went something like "Texas horses, Texas cactus. We play you, just for practice." This game had the...

Photos - Mavs Fade, Spurs Shine


Tony's magic silver sneakers were back, but they weren't the only thing shiny about the Spurs in defeating the Mavericks. Every time the Mavs made an attempt to shine themselves, the Spurs would...

Game Time, 1990: Part 1


Our guest writer, and former team photographer, begins his series retelling the story of his time with the Spurs and the 1989-1990 NBA season.

Photo Essay - Texas Basketball Museum


While driving back from the Spurs' game in Houston last Sunday, I noticed a small sign along the edge of highway 290 in tiny Carmine, Texas: "Texas Basketball Museum." My curiosity was piqued, so...

Photos - Magic Shoes Make the Difference Against Houston


If you've read the original book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or seen The Wiz, you know that Dorothy was able to get home to Kansas thanks to the magical powers of the silver shoes (they were...

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