Scenes from the Season

A Friday Funny From the Hornets Game


There wasn't much to see last night, but one picture begged for a caption. After Pop's very animated night on Wednesday, he was only slightly more subdued in his actions, but still as intense with...

Quick Takes from Behind the Bench v. Rockets


I sat behind the Spurs bench tonight, not the best place to view a game if you're only 5'2" tall and a certain 6'6" shooting guard is sitting in front of you (on a three inch cushion), but I wanted...

Thanks to Tony and the MOB, Spurs Defeat the Blazers


Tony and the MOB you ask? Men Off the Bench, my new name for the young 'uns who came in and played the roles of heroes at various times during this one. Tiago gets the nod as the man most likely...

Photo Quick Cap of the Shootout Against the Nuggets


No snarky captions from the Nuggets game, just some pics of pretty shots by various Spurs. And another "guess the sneakers" pic:

Ticket: $115; Beer & Burger: $13.75; Watching Spurs Dominate the Mavs: Priceless


Oh, what fun! Even the third quarter when both teams combined only scored 24 points! This game was over early, and the crowd sat back and enjoyed a buzzer to buzzer convincing win. The number that...

Manu Provides New Year's Eve Fireworks


Coach Popovich got his 800th regular season win tonight. Longevity is a good thing, and so is continuity. Both Manu and Tim were quoted after the game as saying they were proud of their coach. Pop...

Gunnin' for the Griz'


Perfect season opener for the Spurs: chance to begin to avenge the playoff loss to Memphis. The house was packed with cheering Spurs fans wearing their silver and black. A giant spurs flag...

They're Back! And All's Right With the World


It was good to be back "home" tonight. There were smiles and hugs all around as people greeted each other: fans, ushers, security guards, ticket representatives, and players. I got to be in the...

Photos - George Hill: Saying Goodbye to a Good Guy


Here are 10 photos selected from three seasons that represent various aspects of Hill's career as a Spur. The number of tattoos grew over the years. The SA Express News reported that the...

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