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Discussing Manu and Team Argentina


I'm torn between Manu playing possibly his last FIBA World Cup for Argentina and him staying home......but Phil isn't.

JRW talks Mills and Bertans with Phil Naessens


Defending Champion San Antonio Spurs sure has a nice ring to it!

JRW & Phil Naessens disagree about Ettore Messina


I'm excited about Ettore Messina joining the coaching staff. Is he the heir apparent to Pop?

JRW and Phil Naessens discuss Pop's extension


Pop will be around for a few more years and that's great news plus LeBron, Boris and much more on The Phil Naessens Show

JRW and Phil Naessens talk Manu's injury


Injuries to Manu and Patty are the topics of the day on this special 4th of July Phil Naessens Show

JRW and Phil talk about Tim Duncan opting in


It's June o'clock and all's well. The season ended as well as it could have. The draft has come and gone (nice to meet you, Kyle Anderson) and Tim Duncan announced that he would be coming back to...

JRW talks Spurs championship with Phil Naessens


I talk Spurs Championship on the Phil Naessens Show

JRW and Phil Naessens talk Spurs vs Heat


It's Finals time, and the discussion centers around Game 2 and Game 3, with just enough time left over to mark the one year anniversary of JRW's first appearance on Phil's show.

Erler chats with Phil Naessens about Spurs-Heat


Phil cares not for your feelings and is not looking to cheer you up.

JRW talks Game 6 with Phil Naessens


I share my thoughts about Game 6 and who the MVP of the series was and much more Spurs talk


JRW & J.A. Sherman talk WCF w/Phil Naessens


Sherm and I join Phil for two segments where we talk about the officiating, the Ibaka effect, Russell Westbrook and more from this series and Erler gets to talk soccer!

JRW and Phil talk Games 1 & 2


We discuss the series with the Thunder from my perspective and Phil compares the Spurs with the Knicks

Erler chats w/Phil Naessens about Spurs-Thunder


Game 1 went really well, I'm not gonna lie. On the inside I'm still incredibly wary of the Thunder. On the radio though, I try to project a confident tone. Can't let them sense weakness.

JRW and Phil preview Spurs vs. Thunder


I join Phil Naessens to preview the series with the Thunder and much more NBA playoff talk.

JRW and Phil talk Spurs over Blazers


Blazers, Clippers, Thunder, Tony and Kawhi are on the docket on today's Phil Naessens Show

Erler chats w/ Phil Naessens about Charles Barkley


I get the criticism of Chuck. I get it more than a lot of you, I imagine. Isn't the rest of the "Inside the NBA" crew getting a free pass though?

JRW and Phil Naessens talk Spurs vs. Trail Blazers


Phil and I talk Spurs playoff basketball and more

Erler chats with Phil Naessens about Spurs-Blazers


Already startin' to work up some dislike for them hippies.

What happened to the Spurs in Game 6?

While it lacked the emotions of Game 3's gut-punch of an ending, Friday night's Spurs loss to the Dallas Mavericks left so many questions. J.R. Wilco and J. Gomez discuss what happened -- and more...

JRW and Phil talk Spurs/Mavs and Donald Sterling


We talked Spurs and Mavericks, Donald Sterling and more on Fridays Phil Naessens Show!

JRW and Phil talk Spurs/Mavs and Phil Jackson


Phil and I talk playoffs and Phil Jackson on my weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens Show

JRW and Phil Naessens preview Spurs vs Mavs


The postseason is here, which means it's nearly been a year's worth of podcasts with Phil. This week the talk is all about San Antonio's playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks.

Erler and Phil Naessens chat about Pop and the COY


Ironically the part of the schedule where Pop probably distanced himself from the competition for the Coach of the Year award was when he had to do the least.

JRW & Phil discuss Spurs/Mavs & playoff matchups


I join Phil this week to discuss the win over Dallas and much more San Antonio Spurs NBA Talk

Erler Chats with Phil Naessens about Leonard, OKC


Somehow I'm the one that winds up defending Tony Parker? How did we get here?

JRW and Phil Naessens talk about the win streak


Winning streaks are a beautiful thing. Somewhat less attractive: the Spurs challenging week ahead. Phil and I talk about both on today's show.

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