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JRW and Phil Naessens preview Spurs vs Mavs

The postseason is here, which means it's nearly been a year's worth of podcasts with Phil. This week the talk is all about San Antonio's playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks.

Erler and Phil Naessens chat about Pop and the COY

Ironically the part of the schedule where Pop probably distanced himself from the competition for the Coach of the Year award was when he had to do the least.

JRW & Phil discuss Spurs/Mavs & playoff matchups

I join Phil this week to discuss the win over Dallas and much more San Antonio Spurs NBA Talk

Erler Chats with Phil Naessens about Leonard, OKC

Somehow I'm the one that winds up defending Tony Parker? How did we get here?

JRW and Phil Naessens talk about the win streak

Winning streaks are a beautiful thing. Somewhat less attractive: the Spurs challenging week ahead. Phil and I talk about both on today's show.

Erler chats with Phil Naessens about failure

Would you consider this season a failure without a trophy? What chances would you give the Spurs if an unfathomable injury happened to Tim Duncan? What team is the ideal first round opponent? Who is Kerry Donovan? Is he a running back?

JRW & Phil contrast the Spurs & the Knicks

What's the difference between the Spurs and the Knicks? It should be obvious but this is a must listen.

Erler and Phil Naessens chat about the Spurs luck

There's a reason they're called "once-in-a-generation" players. They don't come around very often.

Do Spurs fans have a persecution complex?

Do Spurs fans have a persecution complex? I answer Phil's question and more on the Phil Naessens Show

Erler chats w/Phil Naessens about gunning for HCA

Did you know the Spurs didn't have home court advantage in the Finals against Miami last year? No I swear, it's true. In retrospect, I kinda wish they had it.


JRW and Phil Naessens talk Spurs over Heat

Signature win over Miami and Pop's coaching philosophy were on tap on today's Phil Naessens Show

Erler chats w/ Phil Naessens about Spurs rotation

Everyone on the Spurs is healthy, finally. Let's jinx it by talking about it as much as humanly possible.

Kawhi, Rodeo Road Trips and the Phoenix Suns

J.R. Wilco explains the rodeo road trip and much more on the Phil Naessens Show

A chat w/ Phil Naessens about Karl's comments

In this week's show Phil and your favorite Spurs wonk discuss George Karl's speculation about Tim Duncan, the Spurs mediocre record against non-mediocre competition and what it all means.

JRW and Phil talk Austin Daye & Parker's injuries

Phil and I discuss Austin Daye and Tony Parker

Erler & Naessens chat about Beno, Melo and more

New handle for your humble blogger but same quality hoops podcastin' with Phil. We talk about rumors of a Beno reunion with the Spurs, Melo's endless drama and other things. Have a listen, because the next Spurs game isn't for umpteen hours.

J.R. Wilco talks fake trades with Phil Naessens

Phil and I talk fake trades, rumors, the media and more

Stampler & Naessens chat about Pop resting Spurs

Sometimes Pop sits guys because they're hurt. Other times he sits them just because. Either way, it can be frustrating to watch, especially for neutrals in a nationally televised game who just want to watch good ball. What can be done about it?

JRW talks about Duncan's All Star snub with Phil

Tim's snub, the defense is back and Phil boos Pop.

Stampler and Phil Naessens chat about David Stern

Tanking: teams that aren't trying to lose on purpose per se, they're just trying to win with their worst players on the court with the coaches openly encouraging their centers to shoot 22-footers and not stressing about getting back in transition.

JRW & Phil discuss the Spurs' most difficult month

It's been a rough January and I'm really looking forward to February and a healthy Spurs team

Stampler and Phil Naessens talk Knicks and T-Pups

This may come as a shock, but there are teams in the league worse off than the Spurs. Quite a few of them, in fact. Two such examples are the Knicks and the Timberwolves and your host Phil Naessens asked me, THE EXPERT, why they're struggling.

Stampler & Phil Naessens discuss Western All-Stars

It's kind of a shame that only 12 guys get to make the All-Star game in the Western Conference, even with the injuries to Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, there are so many deserving candidates. Time for some Stampler mental gymnastics.

JRW and Phil Naessens chat about Antetokounmpo

Phil asks why so many of you want to be rid of Matt Bonner and we have fun speculating about Giannis Antetokounmpo and Ersan Ilyasova becoming Spurs

Stampler and Phil Naessens discuss Spurs injuries

Spurs keep going down and the team keeps winning games. One of those streaks will end soon. I'm kinda hoping it's the former. Phil and I chat about the injuries to Splitter and Green and discuss the possibility of acquiring Andrew Bynum as well.

Phil rants against stupidity of supposed media

Phil rants against the stupidity of some who attempt to cover the Spurs and much more on this edition of the Phil Naessens Show.

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