Revisiting the best of Duncan's playoffs articles

It has now just over a month since the Spurs overcame the Heat to take their fifth NBA Championship, just enough time to feel like going back over the incredible writing that was done about San...

Links: Anderson interviews & an Aussie videobomb


Draft picks in Las Vegas, the continuation of the trophy tour and even more good news about the Spurs' future salary cap situation.

2014 NBA Champions Links


Your San Antonio Spurs are NBA Champions for the 5th time-and first since 2007. Being a Spurs fan is so hard. Here's everything you need to read about the game.

Game 4 Links


Everything you need to read about Game 4

NBA Finals: Game 3 Links


The Spurs dominated the Heat in Miami with an incredible and historic shooting performance.

NBA Finals Game 2 Links


Everything you could possibly want to read about Game 2

Spurs vs Heat Finals: Pre-Series Links


The Spurs are rested, at home and extremely motivated. Here's your list of pre-Game 1 reading material.

Game Links: Spurs vs Thunder-Game 6


The Spurs corralled the Mavericks, cut off the Trail Blazers and laid down the Thunder. The battle tested Spurs go home and await the rematch.

Game links: Spurs vs. Thunder, Game 5


The Spurs dominated at home- Their 7th straight home playoff win by 15+ points -- an NBA record. Here are your links for Game 5

Game links: Spurs vs. Thunder, Game 4


The Spurs dropped another stinker Tuesday. Here's all the links you'll need about the game


Western Conference Finals Game 3 Links


That was an ugly game to watch. Here's some less ugly things to read, listen to, and look at about Game 3.

Thunder at Spurs: Game 2 Links


"I believe that we have the maturity, the character and the experience to stay focused and not take this win to head." -- Danny Green

Game 1 Links: Thunder @ Spurs


San Antonio takes Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals behind Tim Duncan's points and Kawhi Leonard's flair. Here are your game links from the first matchup of the WFC.

Game 5 Links: Trail Blazers at Spurs


The Blazers could not match their Game 4 intensity as they left it out on the floor in Portland. That proved to be problematic, since they were playing in San Antonio. Spurs win the series 4-1.

Game 4 Links: Spurs at Trail Blazers


The Spurs couldn't make it five in a row and the Portland Trail Blazers took Game Four. For the first time since the playoffs started, Spurs fans are not panicking over a loss.

Game 3 Links: Spurs @ Trail Blazers


The Trail Blazers made a run in the second half, but it was handled like any other: Time out, Spurs run, Spurs dagger, win big, and walk off like nothing happened.

Game 2 Links: Trail Blazers @ Spurs


The Spurs were able to summon the scoring beast, again, moving to a 2-0 lead over the Blazers. Here are your post game links from Game 2 of the Western Conference Semis.

Spurs vs Trail Blazers Game Links: Game 1


Spurs. Blazers. Woodshed. You know the rest.

Game 7 Links: Mavericks @ Spurs


The Spurs took Game 7 and are moving on to the Western Conference Semis to face the Portland Trailblazers. Here are your game links from the final game of the first round series.

Game 6 Links: Spurs @ Mavericks


It looks like we are headed to a seventh game to decide this series. Here are your game links from Game 6, in the meantime.

Game 5 Links: Mavericks @ Spurs


The Spurs take a 3-2 series lead over the Mavs thanks to a HUGE 4th quarter by Tiago Splitter. Here are your game links for Game 5.

Game Links: Game 4 - Spurs at Mavericks


The rivalry had been fading, but it was "kick" started on a late Friday night. Spurs wake up and tie the series at 2-2.

Game 3 Links: Spurs @ Mavericks


What a punch in the gut that was. After the buzzer beater by Carter, the Spurs trail the series 1-2.

Game Links: Game 2 - Mavericks at Spurs


The Mavericks evened the Series at one a piece. The Spurs head to Dallas with the intent of taking home court back.

Game Links: Game 1, Mavericks @ Spurs


The Spurs locked up Game 1 with a ferocious late comeback in the fourth quarter. Here are your game links and infographic from the first game of the playoffs.

Spurs Infographic: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Spurs


The Spurs didn't care much and the Lakers are Lottery bound. Bottom line: No one got hurt.

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