Outside the League

International, Toros and Silver Stars

A look at some Super Bowl proposition bets


The biggest betting event of all-time is fast approaching us.. Each year bookmakers offer a list of fun and entertaining propositions to bet on, and we'll take a quick break from basketball to look...

Shawn Bradley as a role model?


Why would a man writing letters to his daughters in case he dies early use Shawn Bradley as a player to emulate?

Basketball: A boy's escape


A father's letter to his daughters about his love of the game of basketball

The Foreign Market, Part 2: Spurs' International Prospects


Which international players could be Spurs next season? We explore the chances of some of the top prospects in and out of the Spurs' system.

The Foreign Market, Part I: European Draft Prospects


What European prospects could be on the Spurs' radar at the bottom of the draft?

Favorite Olympic Moments


Drums takes us on a trip down memory lane to get us ready for the Summer Games.

Stephen Jackson's Foray Into Hip-Hop is Actually Quite Good


How Forreal is StackJack? Find out in this review of his latest album.

European Basketball Update - The End is Near


Will this scene repeat itself this year?via static.euroleague.net So, by now, everyone here has probably noticed that I haven't written anything for PtR in several months. And by everyone, I...

Weekly European Basketball Update - 11/21/11


via www.dnevnik.siGood hair helps with playing for Spurs, yes? Or perhaps I sparkle? It's that time again. Time to remember that basketball still goes on without the NBA. Come on in for your...

Weekly European Basketball Update - 11/14/11


So, I had hoped not to have to do these updates every week in lieu of actual Spurs basketball. Obviously, we're not going to have Spurs basketball back anytime soon, and it may be very, very...


Euroleague Week 4: When to Catch Games this Week


NBA? What NBA? There's more Euroleague action this week, and if you've got some free time during the day, you can catch the games online starting on Wednesday. Hit the jump for more details. ...

Euroleague Update: The Season Begins [Updated with Poll]


Logos, stats, and scores via Euroleague.net So, is everyone in need of a good hoops fix after recent non-events in the NBA? That's what I thought. Come on in for some Euroleague action. Update:...

PtR's Non-NBA Basketball Preview, Part 2: European Season Preview


International Updates just got a lot more beast-ly. As the NBA lockout wears on, and the 2011-12 season is threatened, it's time to talk about some more alternatives. Now that the summer's big...

Eurobasket 2011 Final - France vs. Spain


Tony and Nando will try to lead France to an unprecedented European Championship today. Image via SpursTalk The winner of Eurobasket 2011 will be decided today. On one side, there's the French...

Eurobasket 2011 Semifinal - France vs. Russia LIVE


via www.eurobasket2011.com After watching one Spurs guard help his country win their FIBA competition last week, it's time to see if Tony Parker can lead France to an olympic berth, which is on...

PtR's Non-NBA Basketball Preview, Part 1


So, the rich guys of the NBA ownership group and NBA Players Association are fighting over how much smaller the players' piece of the pie should be in the new collective bargaining agreement, and f...

Bonner, Vice President of the NBA Players Association: "It doesn't look good"


Bonner, Vice President of the NBA Players Association: "It doesn't look good"

Spurs International Update: February 2011


Well, folks, it's finally that time again. With the Spurs having a bit of downtime due to the All-Star break, it's time for us to overcome our hangovers Spurs withdrawals by taking a look at...

Spurs International Update: December 2010


Ever wonder what happened to the Spurs' prospects that didn't quite make the team? We're tracking them down and keeping you updated on their progress.

FIBA World Championship: The Quarterfinals and Semifinals (Updated)


Good show, Tiago. Now get back to San Antonio and start learning the playbook. But first, tell Barbosa he's a horrible teammate.[image via turkey2010.fiba.com] All the pretenders have been...

FIBA Championship round of 16 preview: Win or go home


This man is very pesky via turkey2010.fiba.com Group play at the 2010 FIBA World Championship is finished. The stakes just got raised, because now every game is an elimination game. Let's get it...

An Afternoon With The Ladies


Sunday, I dragged Mrs ATS to San Antonio and attended my first WNBA game. I've got two things to report. The games are fun to watch and Becky Hammon can shoot. I mean, she can really shoot. It...

FIBA 2010 World Championships Preview


The Spurs don't have as many players in international competition as usual this summer. But, that doesn't mean we won't be watching.

ACB Finals: Splitter vs. Juggernaut


If you were thinking of Juggernaut from X-men, you'd be wrong. The Juggernaut in this case is a team led by a gnat: Prepare for lots of this guy. via www.pronoapuestas.com ACB League Finals -...

Get your Tiago fix here: Caja Laboral v. Real Madrid


ACB Semifinals Game 1: Real Madrid @ Caja Laboral, 1:15 PM CDT He'll rip our hearts out. Or maybe just Madrid's. Last week, the best basketball league ever - the ACB - held the opening round of...

ACB playoffs - watch Tiago Splitter and Nando De Colo play today


What's the best cure for Spurs basketball being over until October? Possible future Spurs basketball, and there's plenty of it today. The best basketball league outside the NBA started its...

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