A peek behind the scenes

A post for anyone who's ever wondered what all goes in to the GIF posts PtR publishes after every game.

GIF: Bili MiNelli's back

A bonus GIF from the Bobcats game.

Let's get more Spurs in All-Star weekend

Don't cast your votes just yet.

GIF: Duncan bends his full-court pass like Beckham

Tim Duncan, like a curve-ball pitcher, starts this well to the far side of the backboard, and it breaks a good 3-4 feet before it's caught by Marco Belinelli for a dunk

GIF: Manu drives, hangs and scores against Knicks

Gorgeous drives from Manu aren't anything new, but his one has it all. The quick dribbles. The behind the back. The Euro-step. Plus a little something extra this time.

GIF: Splitter takes Teletovic into the spin cycle

We know him as the Reverse-layup King, but could Tiago also be the Minister of Spin?

GIF: Did Tony intend this pass to go to Tiago?

Even in slow motion it's difficult to tell whether Parker meant to send this to get the ball to Splitter. What do you think?

GIF: Kawhi's coast-to-coast slam against Dallas

There aren't many players in the league who can take the rebound, dribble the length of the court, slice through the defense and finish with a slam. And even fewer who can do it as quickly as Kawhi Leonard did against the Mavericks on Thursday night.

Duncan fakes Amir Johnson into next week

Tim Duncan leads the fast break and breaks ankles all the way into the paint.

Quarter Season GIF review

As the meat of the season is served, PtR takes a look at the first 20 games of the season.


GIF Breakdown: Aron Baynes is unleashed

Just how good was Aron Baynes last night? A GIF review.

GIF: Tim Duncan sinks game winner against Hawks

Becoming the first man since Robert Parish to have a 20-20 game at age 37 wasn't enough for the Big Fundamental on Monday night. He needed to win the game too -- in style.

GIF: Tim Duncan from alley-oopee to outlet passer

Timmy hooked up with Tiago Splitter on a full court pass. Excellent

GIF: Tim Duncan's alley-oop from Manu Ginobili

Big Fun threw down an emphatic alley-oop last night against the Rockets. How long before Pop puts an end to all this flash?

Spurs at Magic GIF Breakdown

GIFs from Friday's win over the Magic with notes. There's some classic Tim, all of Belinelli beauties, and TWO alley-oops.

Spurs vs. Pelicans GIF breakdown

GIFs from last nights blowout win over the Pelicans with key details noted. There's a banker from Tim, a Tiago and-1, multiple beauties from Belinelli, and a Boris Diaw dunk.

GIF: Tiago shows range, hits long jumper

The Brazilian big-man knocks down an ultra-rare jumper.

GIF: Manu & Tony use psychic connection to score

The two veterans show they've been playing together a while with this demonstration of chemistry.

GIF: Ginobili's other-worldly pass to Boris Diaw

Manu shows off his passing skills with this masterful assist.

GIF: Manu Ginobili with the swoop and score

Manu pulls the eerily Joradan-esque move ... to the RIGHT of the basket.

GIF: Diaw's up and under pivot hook shot of glory

Boris works the Celtics in the pain mercilessly.

Danny Green takes advantage of Sixers defense

It's easy being Green when you get looks this open.

GIF: Patty & Marco flash their skills in Philly

The two players helped San Antonio reel off 14 unanswered points to finish the period.

GIF: Pick-and-roll lulls Sixers D to sleep

The Spurs half-court attack repeatedly exposed breakdowns in the 76ers defense. Here, a Tony-Tiago pick-and-roll leads to an easy bucket for the Brazilian center.

Kawhi takes it coast to coast against the Knicks

Leonard continues to be a threat when getting the ball on his own end.

Tony Parker's brilliant one-man fast break

Tony shows that you don't need numbers - or to be facing the basket - to score in transition.

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