TrueHoop : Bulls, Knicks, Spurs, Karl keep winning

The Spurs didn't have any sloppiness issues, save for Manu Ginobili, in a 108-92 win over the Hawks. The usually-reliable Ginobili tied for the team-high in points with 18, but had no assists and six turnovers. The Hawks outscored the Spurs by four points with Ginobili on the floor. It was a sharp turn in performance for Ginobili, who had 34 assists, seven turnovers, and was plus-101 when on the floor in his previous six games (the Spurs were minus-24 with him off the court in that span). It was not an issue for San Antonio, whose 19-3 mark is the best 22-game start in team history.

Manu single handedly takes down alien ship to save mankind


Don't believe the official version. The Men in Black (and Silver) are there for us again.

Landry on the trading block?


What a disaster in Sacramento. It's not that I think we can get him, but it's interesting that his name is coming up.

Another Quarterly Report


RJ gets props for the comeback category, Pop doesn't in the coaching one. And Manu doesn't make the top 10 for MVP...

espn : Daily Dime - 1. Quarter Report: We Never Saw It Coming

J.A. Adande, My pick is the San Antonio Spurs, the surprise leaders of the Western Conference. I expected a year older, I didn't expect ... better, faster and higher-scoring. The other word is unfamiliar. There's still Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, but six players on the roster weren't on the team in 2008-09. Was a little disorienting the first time I went into their locker room. Tom Haberstroh, For me, the biggest surprise has been the Spurs. We generally assume that the recipe for a surprise team consists of a budding young core or a shaken up roster, but the 18-3 squad in San Antonio features neither of those ingredients. Instead, it's veterans Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan who have evolved their individual games stylistically for the good of the team. John Hollinger, The biggest surprise is that the old teams won't go away. Boston, Dallas and San Antonio have the league's three best records; about six months ago, we thought the windows for all three of them had probably shut. Each has supplemented its bench to take some of the strain off an aging core, but for each the core players have also proven remarkably resistant to decline. As a result, our expected Lakers-Heat duopoly has instead became much more interesting. Brian Windhost, The San Antonio Spurs haven't just surprised me, they've shocked me with their strong start. Not just because of their record but how they're doing it. They are playing at one of the fastest paces in the league, averaging nearly 107 points a night. They've allowed Tim Duncan to become basically a glorified role player many nights. Any they're getting excellent production from unexpected places such as Gary Neal, James Anderson and even Richard Jefferson. Catching Up with James Anderson


A quick Q&A with &erson. Come back soon, James - we miss you!

Mario Elie arrested on DUI suspicion


:'(. Hope our boy makes good of this.

After troubled past, undrafted guard Neal earns respect of Spurs


"Sometimes Gary Neal forgets he is in the NBA, and assumes he is still in Turkey or Italy or Spain, trying to raise a family an ocean away. Then he sees out of the corner of his eye the Spurs' highlights on television, a figure in black and silver who looks an awful lot like himself, and he recognizes that his whole improbable journey is real..."

A Mahinmi Sighting


Looks like he got some PT with Chandler sitting out with a virus. 12pts 10 rebs 2stls 1blk.

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