FlashHacker: The dual monitor solution


Ever wanted to participate in the GameThreads with dual screens, one with the streaming game, one with the GameThread, but can't because Windows exits full screen when you switch from one to the other? The solution is here! A free program called FlashHacker allows you to have Flash running full screen on one monitor and still work on the other monitor.

Evaluating the Spurs 20-3 start player by player


Here's a look at the Spurs through 23 games that includes some individual advanced statistics comparisons.

More about ESPN...


For Spurs fans, ESPN may not be the "worldwide leader" in sports.

San Antonio Spurs: The Most Underrated Factors in Their Early Season Success


Bleacher Report talks about some of the underrated reasons for the SAS success this season.

Lakers Trading Vujacic to the Nets


Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and a 2012 first-round pick from Houston would go to New Jersey. Nets forward Joe Smith would join the Lakers, who also would send their 2011 first-round pick to New Jersey. Also Houston will get Terrence Williams from the Nets.

Hardwood Hype: The Spurs Are Now Elite Offensively- Have They Forsaken Defense?


Blog discusses the Spurs' change in style this season, and address the good things they are doing both offensively and defensively. Includes interesting stats, such as how the Spurs rank defensively in categories like opponents ast/TO ratio and opponents' FTA/FGA ratio.

Video of Manu at age 14


Same move to the basket and shooting the three!

Hoopdata: Spurs Slowing Down After Racehorse Start


This is a good article, and definitely in line with a trend that I've noticed as well. The Spurs' pace has been gradually decreasing, but the efficiency has not. Speaking of which, check out the team stats section while you're at hoopdata and sort by offensive efficiency. Guess who's number 1 after all?

Race to the MVP (


"The Race is a firm believer that the MVP and Coach of the Year awards, with rare exceptions, should go to men on different teams (having the MVP makes a coach's job a little easier, right?). So far, we like Gregg Popovich for COY, so this is more of a "best player on best team" vote. The Spurs really are the MVT."

Momento 24: Manu amazed by fatherhood


Ginobili posted pictures of his twins on Twitter. Here is a little report.

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