Kenny explains to E.J. and Charles why the Spurs are an insulting team


This is rich.... Kenny Smith's unbiased opinion of the Spurs.

BR: Why the Spurs vets should rest tonight


Kleeman thinks that the Spurs should run up the white flag before the opening tip-off. What do you think?

Project Spurs: Spurs' All-Time Defensive Team


Surprisingly, Uwe Blab did NOT make the cut.

Detroit loves Ginobili


OK, I am definitely generalizing with a blanket statement here that probably isn't true. BUT(T) -- There is a Detroit fan (Will Overton) writing for Bleacher Report who says some complimentary things about Ginobili -- even if the writer does spell it "Gilobili" at the start of the post. Manu is one of the better off the ball players in the league with a motor that doesn’t stop and so, if Parker is looking to make plays for others, then Manu is going to find a way to take advantage of it. He might not have as fresh of legs this year when he gets to those last couple months, but I still don’t see him declining because of extra time on the court. Like I said earlier, there are few guys with Ginobili’s motor, and he just doesn’t seem to be the kind of player who is going to wear down. In regards to the possibility of selling high on Ginobili in fantasy hoops, Will says: Ultimately, it’s hard to sell high on a guy that not enough people are high on. ... Selling high only works when you can get more value than a guy is worth, and that’s not easy to do with Manu Ginobili.

Marilyn Rides Again - How Long Will Tim Duncan's Reduced Role Last?


What does the Marilyn thing have to do with the rest of the title? The writer is named Marilyn and she has written quite a few posts on the Spurs for Bleacher Report. Her post mostly focuses on when the Spurs schedule will become more difficult.

More love for Ron-Ron... from an unexpected source


A nice piece from Indiana, where at least one writer/fan has forgiven Artest.

Bulls' Noah out possibly until March

Yahoo!/BDL story. No doubt the Bulls will join the Rockets in looking to bolster their big-man brigades. Should 'Melo-drama agree to a sign-and-trade to the Nets and Favors & Murphy get sent Mile-High, one or two PFs might get waived and be greeted with multiple offers. Or... the Nets are said to be wanting to deal Murphy and his $12M expiring contract. They might have a chance to pick up a player on the Bulls or Rockets that they've been coveting.

Yao out for season


Wow. This sucks for everyone involved.

Early All-Star Returns: Manu 3rd in Guards


COME ON, PEOPLE! WE CAN OVERTAKE CHRIS PAUL!!! Oh, by the way, Tim and Tony are 5th and 9th in their respective categories. And Yao is due for his 498,307th consecutive "start."

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