Neal, gifted with the power to see the invisible.

Who knew that Gary Neal can see the Quinn and another hobbit-friend as he had daps with them after a free throw.

NBA set to take over Hornets

Chris Paul and the rest of the New Orleans Hornets will soon be playing for the first franchise in league history owned by the NBA.

Pop's other passion

Saved the best for last... apologies if this has been posted before, but I didn't know about his involvement with this group until today. I love their marketing slogan: "Aristocratic Wines At Democratic Prices."

My vote for Coach of the Year goes to.... Chip Engelland

Silly, I know, because assistant coaches aren't eligible. And I can't prove that Chip Engelland is behind the Spurs improved FT shooting (80% vs. 74% last season)... it could be the new Vitamin Water, hypnosis, or whatever. And I know a 6% improvement doesn't seem so big on paper, but at least I don't cringe every time I see Timmy or DeBeast shooting FTs anymore. Also, I suspect that the effect on points production is even greater than the statistical FT% improvement, since the up-tempo style is leading to more FT attempts by players like RJ 2.0.

And. Here. Are. Your. 2010-11.... Kardiac Kids!

Long before LeBron, Cleveland sports fans loved a football team they named the "Kardiac Kids" for their penchant for coming back against big leads. The Jazz are certainly better known for their 2nd-half rallies than the Spurs, and with comeback wins against Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, etc., perhaps justifiably so. But there's an argument for our 2010-11 San Antonio Spurs to at least share the "Kardiac Kids" moniker.

You really want Jack?

Some here opined that the Spurs should trade for Cap'n Jack, especially after &erson's stress fracture. Correction, especially before the season started. I'm not exactly sure how a trade could be structured without giving up key players, but let's revisit this again. I've never been a big fan of his... yeah, he brings fire and passion, but I've never been entirely comfortable with everything else he brings with it too. He has seven technicals this year already, nearly half-way to another suspension. You want Jack, really? And anyway, Manu brings more than enough passion and heart to the Spurs imho.

Austin Toros Stats

What's become of Squeaky Johnson? Gone from Toro's roster after first 3 games.

SBN : Phil Jackson Makes Case Against Rudy Tomjanovich's Hall Of Fame Bid

From the Houston Chronicle: Asked if he thought Tomjanovich was deserving, Jackson said, "We'll see. I'm not on that committee. I like all the coaches to get a chance to go in." Jackson agreed with the argument that the Rockets' championships were tainted because Michael Jordan was out of the league for the first of their title seasons and much of the next. "Definitely," Jackson said. "Without a doubt. Clearly, if the Bulls were whole, we would have won. It's pretty much registered by now. When Michael played, we won the championship."

NBA Playbook – Slipped Screen Clinches Game For Spurs

As always, Sebastian does an excellent job of breaking down this crucial play. I have nothing really to add to the X's and O's of his description except to say that there was certainly a secondary action on this play in case Minny had been able to cut off RJ2.0. Besides that, my first thought is how, in the 10 seconds it takes for the actual motion of this play (from Tony cutting to receive the inbounds pass, to RJ dunking) there's not a single impressive physical act made by anyone wearing Silver and Black. No one jumps out of the gym or crosses his man over to get separation. Everything is based on simply running the play, recognizing how the defense is reacting to it, and working out the timing just right. The Spurs were able to get a wide open dunk with the game on the line strictly due to BBIQ and discipline Next is the way that, after Duncan passes to RJ, he looks like a parent in the stands who is watching his child on the court, and can't help reacting with his body language as he lives the game vicariously, hoping and reacting as though, at that point, he IS the one dunking. That's just fun to watch how involved he is even AFTER he has already passed. The last thing I noticed about Duncan is that he then immediately points back to the Spurs bench to recognize Bud (and the coaching staff) for designing the play that worked so well. Finally, while the play is running, it's just fun to click on the red bar of the youtube screen so that the video skips back to the end of the 22nd second, and replay (over and over) the precise moment when RJ makes his cut to the basket, and notice that, in that instant, both Brewer & Beasley are moving in the exact wrong direction. P.S. Duncan's pass led RJ perfectly.

Manu Ginóbili's interesting time outside LA hotel

Story and video of Manu Ginóbili's interesting walk to the team bus outside the Spurs Santa Monica (CA) hotel last Wednesday. Video includes Ginóbili signing autographs and viewing a bizarre sight in the California sky.


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