Spurs are unusually active this trade season

Looks like we may be trying to revamp our roster after all. About 3 bullet points down on the page has this blurb: We've been predicting the Spurs' last hurrah for years, but this time it might really be the end of the road. The Spurs have been unusually aggressive trying to upgrade their roster in the trade market, a signal to rival execs that Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford realize this might be the final shot at a title with the triumvirate of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Duncan, 37, has a $10.4 million player option for next season, and Parker's future also has to be addressed; only $3.5 million of his $12.5 million for next season is guaranteed.

Dwight Howard & Co. get punk'd!

I know its not Spurs related, but there's is something satisfying about seeing D. Howard screaming like a little girl.

A nice SBNation piece by Ziller on chaos, sabermetrics, and the non-existence of clutch

...though it really does, in the form of one Manu Ginóbili. And Tim Duncan sometimes. Or Tony Parker. And even Danny Green. :)

Mike Budenholzer abusing refs!

Dear ol' Mike beating up the poor refs.

Lakers may trade Gasol

not a quote but was listening to espn radio and Colin said Cleveland and the Lakers were in talks to trade gasol for bynum so they could wave bynum and clear cap space.

espn radio

Is anyone upset with this "Nazi Controversy" with Tony?

Unless we see some deep-seeded anger or anti-semitic action from Tony, I cant see why this is such a big deal. I just wonder if anyone else thinks this is blown out of proportion

Westbrook Knee Surgery

It looks like Westbrook is out again, with another knee surgery. Improve our playoff position?

Two See Better

While checking on Blair, this great shot was found on Mavs Moneyball written by our own Steve and Matt. Although some of it is old news, it is their writing and perspective that is worthy of your read.

The Phil Naessens Show: LeBron James Says There are no Rivalries in the NBA!

SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar joins Phil to discuss Miami Heat star LeBron James recent statements that there aren’t any rivalries in the NBA, help Lebron out by naming some current rivalries, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers return to Boston to coach his former team, Ray Allen and previewing Tuesday nights NBA action between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, Oklahoma City Thunder vs Denver, Sacramento vs Charlotte, Portland vs Cleveland and New Orleans vs Golden State plus much more

The Phil Naessens Show : NBA Head Coaches Dave Joerger, Mike Woodson and Jason Kidd Under Fire

Joe Mullinax and I preview the Spurs/Raptors game, several others and also discuss the situations with Head Coaches Dave Joerger, Mike Woodson and Jason Kidd.


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