Spurs Coyote Amazing Shot!!!

In case you missed it, you should really take a look at it.

Kevin Pelton On Spurs Record Against Top Teams

The following is an excerpt from a January 17th ESPN Q/A session with analyst Kevin Pelton. Elten (NY) The spurs has been struggling in the games against the top teams in the NBA this season. Are they still a true contender for the champion titile? Kevin Pelton (3:24 PM) We talked about this a few weeks ago, but if you run the numbers as 538's Neil Paine did at Basketball-Reference when the Heat were having similar issues against elite teams three years ago, there's nothing that makes those games more predictive as far as the playoffs: Kevin Pelton (3:24 PM) And, of course, that Miami team dispatched of Boston and Chicago in the playoffs fairly easily before losing in the NBA Finals.

Batum Thinks He Should Be An All Star

LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard are virtual locks to be in New Orleans playing on that Sunday. So when asked Saturday night if he feels like he deserves to be an All-Star, the small forward didn’t hesitate to give you his thoughts. "Yes, of course," Batum said to "If they have to pick one small forward behind K.D. (Kevin Durant), I think it should be me." Why? "Because of the numbers that I have and the way I play with this team," he responded. "I got two triple-doubles and I should have about five or six. And we’re 31-9, maybe the best team in the West so far. I think it’ll be tough to get three All-Stars because Damian and L.A. are going to be in it. And our coach, too. But I deserve consideration." Did we really almost draft this asshat? Glad we didnt.

The anti-Pop approach

Coach Pop is now famous for using the regular season for developing deep benches. But it wasn't always so in his pre-Kawhi, pre-Spurs 2.0, pre-limutes-for-your-vets days... many of us here would complain that he wasn't playing/developing young players enough (Mahinmi, Udrih, Anderson, etc.) and that those players would get frustrated and wind up on other teams. But I can't ever remember Pop shortening his rotation to eight players before the playoffs... much less by January. Yet, Randy Wittman, the Wizard's coach, has done exactly that! Ready why at Bullets Forever (an unfortunate choice for the name of a blog imho).

Spencer Hawes to Spurs?

Trade rumor nothing really else than that but 76ers are exploring their options with Spurs showing interest. Spencer Hawes would be a nice pickup and we might not have to give up much 76ers are looking to mainly acquire picks.

Sacramento Kings accepts bitcoins

Interesting. But, it seems a bit of a risky venture. Bitcoin is still quite volatile. Although, I could see it as motivated by marketing purposes.

LeBroning, flopping fun

Sweeping the world with flopping.

Hoosier hysteria

Great piece about an Indiana Pacer team that I fear respect more than Miami, should the Spurs again be the best of the West this post-season.

Nice breakdown of two key ATO plays by the Spurs in Memphis

The main article is pretty good too, but I'm posting this for the analysis of the two key after-timeout plays drawn up by Pop to help the Spurs overcome the grit and grind Grizzlies.


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