EPV...What it is.

Kirk Goldsberry @ Grantland uses the Spurs as a example to break down EPV (Expected Possession Value).

Latest Manu Ginobili's Column in La Nación (Argentinian Newspaper)

In this article, Manu writes about his injury, things he's doing in order to recover ASAP and about 2014 FIBA World Cup. The article is in Spanish. Hopefully, there will be a translation soon at PtR.

The Real Legacy of David Stern: Tanking and the Seattle Supersonics

On today’s show we talked about outgoing NBA Commissioner David Stern. My guests are both from small market teams who’ve benefited from some of Stern’s decisions and of course they have a more favorable opinion than I do and they are entitled to their opinion. To some extent I agree with them but where we differ, and in the interest of time and moving on, I didn’t explain my opinions as well as I would have liked to.

Lowe: Belinelli invited to the All-Star 3-point shootout

9. Marco Belinelli spilled the beans and revealed he’s going to be one of the six guys invited to participate in the 3-point shootout, my favorite All-Star event.

Chasing J-Smoove ?


Just a quick question for the Pounders out there. What are our thoughts about trading for Josh Smith ? I mean Detroit isn't too happy with him at the moment , and if there is a coach in the NBA that could get him to straighten up, it might be Pop.

The Phil Naessens Show Introducing the Fab 5 of the Utah Jazz

Amar and I go team by team and division by division on today's show!

Zach Lowe on Coach Brett Brown

Zach Lowe takes an in depth look at Coach Brett Brown.

Matt Bonner new shoe deal?

Looks like Matty may have a new sponser. Or his last New Balances bit the dust....

Spurs Coyote Amazing Shot!!!

In case you missed it, you should really take a look at it.

Kevin Pelton On Spurs Record Against Top Teams

The following is an excerpt from a January 17th ESPN Q/A session with analyst Kevin Pelton. Elten (NY) The spurs has been struggling in the games against the top teams in the NBA this season. Are they still a true contender for the champion titile? Kevin Pelton (3:24 PM) We talked about this a few weeks ago, but if you run the numbers as 538's Neil Paine did at Basketball-Reference when the Heat were having similar issues against elite teams three years ago, there's nothing that makes those games more predictive as far as the playoffs: Kevin Pelton (3:24 PM) And, of course, that Miami team dispatched of Boston and Chicago in the playoffs fairly easily before losing in the NBA Finals.

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