DTOUR: 05:06:07 08/09/10 just passed.


DTOUR: Sweet nothingness.

DTOUR: Week of 07/19/2010


So in last week's DTOUR, longtime contributor to PtR and photographer extraordinaire, jollyrogerwilco, asked me if I had any new photography to share. At the time, I did not. But late sunday...

DTOUR: Week of 7/12


Tiago Splitter is now officially a member of the #Spurs. He also has the hairiest butt since Vinny Del Negro. If Richard Jefferson asks me 1 more time if he can conduct the Tiago...

DTOUR: Week of 07/05


DTOUR: Where you can talk about anything really. Even politics. The image in the header comes from this week's issue of Design Week. It features a DIY beard and mustache by artist Kenn Munk.

Weekend DTOUR: Where American REVENGE! happens


We must break them. via 4.bp.blogspot.com Today, the USA faces the nation that eliminated them during group play in the 2006 World Cup. Only this time, the stakes are even higher. It's single...

DTOUR: Can the Americans Score First?


This continent is kicking some serious butt in the World Cup Now before we get to any discussion about the HUGE game for the US vs. Algeria today, I think we need to give some serious props to the...

Yet Another DTOUR, in which we hate Slovenia


First of all, congratulations to the Lakers, for earning their first asterisk. Yes, I'm bitter. Basketball is over for a few months, and it ended in the worst possible outcome(shut up, olf). ...

DTOUR: World Cup Losers


So, it's on to Round 2 (which technically has already started since Uruguay and South Africa played yesterday). Yes, this is a basketball blog, but I'm embracing the world's favorite sport during...

Tuesday DTOUR: Tiago the champ?


A week ago, the conventional wisdom had it that Tiago Splitter and Caja Laboral might be facing an elimination game today. Well, it's an elimination game, all right. Only, if Caja wins today,...

DTOUR: Our Sports Cup Runneth Over


Get your mind out of the gutter, that's not what I meant. There's some good sports action to check out today, but most of it's happening early in the day. On the other hand, this is a DTOUR, so...

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