Dr. Duke's Domain

You can't separate sport and emotions


Prompted by the post-game interview with Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman, sport media began the firestorm against the athletes. Was his "rant" all about passion, desire and hunger, or was it an...

Bruce Bowen discusses sports, bullying & Incognito


Dr. Andrea Duke touches on the issue of bullying within sport culture, and interviews former Spur Bruce Bowen to hear his perspective.

Tim Duncan, Johnny Manziel & life in the fishbowl


With the rise of social journalism and social media, does our society's intrusion into every detail of athlete's lives cause more harm than good, or is that an expectation the people should have?

Hammon Sidelined with ACL Tear


San Antonio Silver Stars player is out for the season

Brittney Griner brings her dunks to San Antonio

The San Antonio Silver Stars will host the Phoenix Mercury on Tuesday evening at 7:00pm. What makes this game more notable is Brittney Griner. This marks her WNBA debut in San Antonio.

What the tunes are like at the AT&T Center


Attending a game at the AT&T Center is an experience, from the Tex-Mex concessions to the in-game music, all bringing in the culture and heritage of the city.

The purity of watching sports without social media


I've been called an ADDICT when it comes to social media, and I won't deny it. So this week, I put down my phone and closed my computer to experience the NBA Finals matchup in the strangest way...

Stars can't hold lead, lose 79-64 to Fever

Playing without leaders Becky Hammon and Sophia Young, the Stars fought bravely but were unable to hold off the defending champs.

San Antonio Silver Stars 2013-2014 Season Preview


Last week, the San Antonio Silver Stars spent the afternoon with media, discussing offseason training, performance in the preseason games and the upcoming season.

How winning forces media to pay attention


Whether or not the Spurs are to blame for the lack of media coverage during the NBA season, the finger rightfully gets pointed at the media in their "since they are winning, I guess we should pay...


The Girls Are Back in Town

Andrea Duke's first report on this week's Silver Stars training camp, and why everyone should watch a WNBA game this season.

The escape of sports


Last week's bombing of the Boston Marathon may have wounded a city and a nation, but sports allowed us a way to recover and escape.

Why marketing the Spurs is so complicated


Although all of the required pieces seem to be in place, San Antonio still finds itself on the outside looking in when regarding the summit of the national sports media landscape.

When media coverage of a rape trial goes wrong


The victim is ignored while athletes convicted of a heinous crime are portrayed with sympathy and pity. If finger wagging is ever justified, it's in situations like this.

Bruce Bowen's transition from court to studio

Google "Bruce Bowen" and you will find over 68,600 videos and stories from media personalities, players, coaches and general managers labeling him a dirty player, but is that really who he is?

Matt Bonner, social media & the 21st century fan


There's a reason why you get so absorbed with your teams, why you memorize stats for specific players & why your world often seems to revolve around sports, & sites like Twitter reinforce that...

The San Antonio Spurs and Zero Dark Thirty


With the Academy Awards approaching, here's a look at the Kathryn Bigelow directed, Oscar-nominated Zero Dark Thirty, and how the movie's characters and themes are echoed in the makeup and...

Oscar Pistorius and the court of public opinion

As quickly as a public figure is able to achieve a place in public discourse the 24-hour news cycle ensures that their reputation can be destroyed with a single story. What does this say about us...

The Spurs in the Information Age

The Spurs don't have players that revel in controversy or over-commercialize themselves, seeking every endorsement and sponsorship available. The team just plays basketball, and over the course of...

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