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1-on-1 virtual tourney: Parker vs Aldridge


The second matchup of this tournament sees our first battle of mismatches. Parker can't deal with the post-up game of Altridge, and LaMarcus can't handle Tony's speed.

1-on-1 virtual tourney James vs Carter-Williams


The first matchup of the tournament is a little lopsided.

Spurs vs Cavs season opener? Sure ... in S.A.


If the league wants to match up LeBron James against the Spurs on opening night, why should the Spurs be the ones to travel?

ABA's crisis might keep Manu out of the World Cup

Lingering problems within the Argentine Basketball Association have resurfaced and the players are threatening to sit out the tournament

NBA virtual 1-on-1 tourney: Determining the Rules


The field is set, the seeding is complete, and now it's time to decide how the game will be played. Will it be make-it-take-it or "losers"? You decide.

Should the Spurs sign Kawhi to an extension?


NBA free agency is winding down. Obviously, LeBron made the most headlines, and the situation with Kevin Love will drive the rumor mill for the foreseeable future. The East looks less top heavy and...

Free agents that could help the Spurs


With the high-priority free agents mostly off the market, the Spurs could still add some finishing touches to a roster that might not need a whole lot to begin with.

What milestones will the Spurs achieve next year?


Along with piling up wins, personal achievements and playoff appearances, Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan and the defending champions are on course to hit a number of benchmarks in the upcoming season.

NBA free agency is beyond insane


Mavs are trolling the Rockets and it's high entertainment.

Who deserves credit for the Spurs' success?


Ask any avid NBA fan about the best-run front offices, and the answer will usually be the San Antonio Spurs. But are they really the infallible geniuses they're often made out to be?


The Maturation of Kawhi Leonard


An excellent video showing the strides Leonard has made since joining the Spurs.

Getting to know the newest Spur, Bryce Cotton


The San Antonio Spurs have reportedly reached a 2-year deal with point guard Bryce Cotton. He led Providence to the Big East Championship and picked up the Tournament MVP on the way. Let's see what...

Getting to know Spurs draft pick Kyle Anderson


Now that the draft is over, it's time to find out a bit more about the Spurs first-rounder beyond points, assists and rebounds.

NBA Draft Live blog and Open Thread

Stephen Shepperd and J.R. Wilco chat about the 2014 NBA Draft and watch as the rest of the league attempts to draft the solution to all their problems.

Which big men might the Spurs be looking to draft?


With the 30th, 58th and 60th picks in tonight's NBA Draft, the Spurs aren't likely to take a household name, but based on the moves they've made before, some guesses can be made about who they...

Virtual war room: A Spurs 2014 mock draft


PtR's own SpursfanSteve plays Spurs general manager in SBNation's blogger mock draft and explains what he decided to do with with the Spurs 30th pick of the NBA draft.

Should the Spurs move or keep their pick?


With Tim Duncan opting in for the final year of his contract, the Spurs seem pretty set for another run at the championship. Will the 30th pick mean anything for a squad that just took out the Heat...

Rumor: Tim Duncan to opt out and sign 2-year deal

Must Reads Report: Duncan opts in for the final year Chris Itz After earlier indications were that Tim would opt out and sign a longer contract, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that...

The San Antonio Spurs 2014 Draft Prospectus


Taking stock of the roster, free agent decisions, evaluating the performance of overseas draft picks and the strength of the 2014 draft class, discussing foreign prospects for the 2014 draft, and...

Who'd the Spurs pursue if they free up cap space?


If everyone comes back for the Spurs, they'll be favorites to repeat. If not, then who will R.C. Buford be targeting?

What will the Spurs do with their free agents?

The Spurs don't have an abundance of cap space, but do they have enough to hold on to two pieces of their championship rotation?

So long and thanks for playing Fish

Pretty sure Serge Ibaka is out for the playoffs. (No, this isn't my joke, but why should I be original when discussing a team whose coach calls the same three plays all year?)

Boris Diaw: The Mismatch-maker


Boris Diaw has been a key performer for the Spurs in this year's playoffs by creating mismatches with a combination of size and skill. In the finals, he will create problems for Heat defenders that...

Why is Russell Westbrook considered elite?


Westbrook is generally considered to be a top-10 player in today's NBA, and some people go so far as to call him a top-5 player. I don't get it, and I see no way the numbers to make a case for him...

Will Serge Ibaka play after all?


With words like "significant progress" and "listed as day-to-day" being thrown around, suddenly the Spurs suspicion that Ibaka wasn't out for the season looks less like paranoia, and more like...

The Case Of The M.I.A. MVP

No fastbreak dunks? No zigzagging crossover drives to the rim? Only five free throw attempts? What happened to Kevin Durant?

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