J.R. Wilco


After over a year's worth of reading the site without ever commenting, J.R. Wilco joined Pounding the Rock at the very end of the 2008 regular season, just before the fantastic series against the Phoenix Suns that began with the double overtime Game 1 victory that was made possible by three pointers that tied the game at the end of the 4th quarter (Michael Finely) as well as overtime (Tim Duncan.) After that, he was hooked, and after being invited by Wayne Vore, who was running PtR at the time, he moved to the masthead as a moderator. Upon WVATS' departure, he took over the site is now overseeing his third season. He lives in Austin with his wife and five children, the jrwlings, which range in age from 13 to 3. He travels to San Antonio to see the Spurs play as often as he can.


Phil rants against stupidity of supposed media

Phil rants against the stupidity of some who attempt to cover the Spurs and much more on this edition of the Phil Naessens Show.

Manu won't play in game against Mavericks

It looks like Ginobili will miss at least one game after tweaking his hamstring in the process of winning last night's overtime game in Memphis.

Splitter injures shoulder against the Clippers

Tiago was having his best game of the year against Los Angeles, but took a very hard hit under the basket in the third quarter and went down in pain. The word from the Spurs is that he suffered a sprained shoulder.

GIF: Duncan bends his full-court pass like Beckham

Tim Duncan, like a curve-ball pitcher, starts this well to the far side of the backboard, and it breaks a good 3-4 feet before it's caught by Marco Belinelli for a dunk

Spurs double up Clippers in 1st half: 70-35

In their first appearance after the embarrassing loss to the New York Knicks on Thursday, the Spurs are hitting on all cylinders in the first two quarters in San Antonio against the Clippers.

Boris Diaw won't play against Clippers

According to an official injury report, Boris Diaw (strep throat) will not play in tonight's Spurs-Clippers game.

GIF: Manu drives, hangs and scores against Knicks

Gorgeous drives from Manu aren't anything new, but his one has it all. The quick dribbles. The behind the back. The Euro-step. Plus a little something extra this time.

JRW and Phil Naessens discuss Parker's quenelle

J.R. Wilco discusses the Quenelle and racism with Phil Naessens

GIF: Splitter takes Teletovic into the spin cycle

We know him as the Reverse-layup King, but could Tiago also be the Minister of Spin?

Duncan's attempt to prank Manu goes awry

There's getting even. There's getting ahead. And then there's what Duncan did to Manu on New Year's Eve at the AT&T Center.

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