J.R. Wilco


After over a year's worth of reading the site without ever commenting, J.R. Wilco joined Pounding the Rock at the very end of the 2008 regular season, just before the fantastic series against the Phoenix Suns that began with the double overtime Game 1 victory that was made possible by three pointers that tied the game at the end of the 4th quarter (Michael Finely) as well as overtime (Tim Duncan.) After that, he was hooked, and after being invited by Wayne Vore, who was running PtR at the time, he moved to the masthead as a moderator. Upon WVATS' departure, he took over the site is now overseeing his third season. He lives in Austin with his wife and five children, the jrwlings, which range in age from 13 to 3. He travels to San Antonio to see the Spurs play as often as he can.


A GIF for the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Could anything improve on the Spurs' appearance on SI's cover?

UPDATE: Manu's physical reveals stress fracture


It seems that the Spurs' relatively healthy run to the championship ended with the season.

Who are the Spurs pursuing in free agency?


Free Agency officially started at midnight ET on July 1st and the rumors about who the Spurs are interested in are already flying around.

Video: Anderson wanted the Spurs to draft him

It looks like something from a much longer work, perhaps a documentary about Kyle Anderson as it purports to be. Maybe not. It opens on the facade of a public school in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Nemanja Danjubic dunks like Blake Griffin


The Spurs just drafted him on Thursday, and we know next to nothing about him, but video doesn't lie. the kid has some serious hops.

JRW talks with a Bruins expert about Kyle Anderson


J.R. Wilco talks about Spurs draft pick Kyle Anderson with Bruins Nation writer IE Angel.

Getting to know Spurs draft pick Kyle Anderson


Now that the draft is over, it's time to find out a bit more about the Spurs first-rounder beyond points, assists and rebounds.

JRW and Phil talk about Tim Duncan opting in

It's June o'clock and all's well. The season ended as well as it could have. The draft has come and gone (nice to meet you, Kyle Anderson) and Tim Duncan announced that he would be coming back to...

Why LeBron James would sign with the Spurs

The Knicks are likely out, and the case for the Lakers isn't looking very good. Which begs the question: "Why not us?"

...and what's more, you'll be a Spur, my son.


After winning the NBA Championship, as Kawhi Leonard and George Popovich embraced, Kawhi thanked Pop for pushing him. And Pop told him that "This is what it's all about."

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