At The Game

Attending a playoff game: A fan's eye view


One fan's perspective about attending an NBA game for the first time and experiencing the atmosphere and excitement of a playoff game at the AT&T Center.

Spurs play worst game of season, get blown out

Breaking down what was technically the Spurs first full-squad loss since January 2. Turnovers. Bad defense. Crummy rebounding. Awful free throw shooting. The four pony-men of the Mavpocalypse.

Spurs-Warriors thoughts from Bay Area traitor

10 thoughts on the Spurs and 5 for the Warriors. In addition, Pop hates Bay Area fans.

I survived the Spurs/Kings game

I doubt I'll ever have any grandkids of my own, but I wouldn't even tell your grandkids about this one. It was probably the worst Spurs win I've ever seen in person, which should give you an idea...

Super slow motion video of Tony's buzzer beater


Here's a play that'll benefit from viewing it at 120 frames per second.

No LeBron, Wade tonight in San Antonio


If you were looking for an NBA Finals preview, screw you. You're not getting it!

Pop calls CP3 a "mean, nasty man"


The matchup between Tony Parker and Chris Paul is as good as it gets in the league at the point guard position, and Gregg Popovich knows the difficulty in defending the Clippers' front man.

Spurs - Rockets pre-game thoughts


Can the Spurs get back in gear behind their All-Star point guard?

GIF of Kawhi Leonard with the coast-to-coast slam!

GIF Alert! Kawhi Leonard gets a steal and goes off on a coast to coast fast break with a behind-the-back dribble leading up to a full speed lefty-dunk! All without ever breaking into a grin. It's...


Spurs Shenanigans

Random thoughts about the Spurs that you never asked for.


Popovich gets weird ... and starts Cory Joseph


Gregg Popovich announced Cory Joseph will start for Tony Parker tonight against the Pistons, but that was before things got weird.

Rantings of a Crazy Old Lush


Fresh from the Nuggets game observations by an always crazy, sometimes drunk Spurs fan. Beware the snark.

JRW's Sunday Rehash


Opening Hash There aren't many teams that I dislike as much as the Boston Celtics. I don't know what I hate the most: the chest-thumping bravado of Pierce (who's a terrific player that I just...

Spursgate prevails as Parker and Duncan dominate.


Led by Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs' Big Three keep the team in the game until the rest of the squad finally came to life.

When the Score doesn't matter


A moment in time when the experience was more important than the score.

Stream: From the game vs Montepaschi Siena


JRW is live at the AT&T Center and will be updating us of what is going on from the sidelines.

Amidst on-court intensity, Spurs always relaxed


In an individualistic, star-driven NBA, the Spurs still stand above the rest.

As Spurs' depth grows, so do expectations


The Spurs' depth shows itself as San Antonio thumps Dallas without the services of Tony Parker, Tiago Splitter.

Media Excursions


Justin's reaction to his first game as a member of the press, with his inimitable style and unusual observations sprinkled throughout his sparkling prose.

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