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Reasons the 2013-14 season's gonna be good

After the 2012's quiet offseason, the summer of 2013 has been a roller coaster thus far. Here's why all that free agent moves, combined with the CBA, could make for an exciting 2013-14 season.

Filling the 15th roster spot

Greg Oden rumors, Deshaun Thomas' Summer League play, and the Spurs' typical behavior all factor in to the San Antonio's decision about what to do with their final roster spot.

Is Aron Baynes any good?

A burly 6'10 center from Australia picked up mid-season by the Spurs, you'd think there would be some kind of evidence left behind as to what Aron Baynes is capable of or why the Spurs added him to the roster. Well, not yet, anyway.

What's going to happen to Neal and Blair?

Now that the big free agents have been inked, and the royal baby has been birthed, worldwide speculation now falls on the lesser-known NBA players who, like Kate and William's child, are waiting to hear their names called.


Would the Spurs Consider Iman Shumpert?

With the Knicks reportedly interested in both Gary Neal and DeJuan Blair, is there room for the Spurs to add an elite defender to the roster, while letting go of two players who seemed destined to play somewhere besides San Antonio next year?

What can the Spurs expect from Jeff Pendergraph?

As San Antonio's 2nd free agent signing, Pendergraph didn't exactly get the average Spurs fan's heart pumping. But he's worth a closer look, as there are a number of aspects of his game which point to him being very successful in the silver and black

Spurs look at rolling the dice on Greg Oden

Would it be an Odd Couple-esque pairing, or a match made in basketball heaven? Will one of the other teams woo him with the extra greenbacks they could throw at him, or can the Spurs emerge as the winner of the 2nd edition of The Oden Sweepstakes?

No Kirilenko: what now?

The Spurs have some minor concerns at some back up spots and after re-signing Splitter and Ginobili it's only natural to wonder whether or not they will earn their new contracts. But those are just marginal problems that should be easily solved

Luxury Tax and the Lakers

After a couple of weeks of discussing what the Spurs front office should be doing or not doing, I thought it might be a nice break to look at the teams paying the luxury tax....and laugh at them.

Three ways in which the Spurs could get Kirilenko

The Spurs were in talks with the Wolves about Russian combo forward Andrei Kirilenko. AK47 could be the final piece of the championship puzzle but unfortunately the teams didn't come to terms. But all is not lost. Here is how the Spurs could get AK47

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