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San Antonio Spurs Fantasy Basketball Options

Guest columnist Phil Naessens of The Phil Naessens Show answers a listeners question regarding Fantasy Basketball and the San Antonio Spurs

Will free agents want to come to SA after Duncan?

The Spurs have courted their fair share of big names over the years, but none of them have ever decided to make San Antonio home, will that change once The Big Fundamental is no longer patrolling the paint of the AT&T Center?

Life After Tim Duncan

Guest columnist Phil Naessens answers a listener's question regarding the future of the Spurs after Tim Duncan retires.

30 preseason predictions: Brooklyn Nets

The return to All-Star form for point guard Deron Williams will mean a top-3 finish in the Eastern Conference for the Brooklyn Nets.

30 preseason predictions: New York Knicks

In the first installment of the 30-part series, Matthew Tynan makes an off-the-wall prediction on the Knicks' first season with Andrea Bargnani.

Why I'll be sad when Bonner has to leave the Spurs

This upcoming season might be Bonner's last in San Antonio. While his on court production shouldn't be that hard to replace if he leaves, his personality and general off-court awesomenes will be sorely missed

The inaugural edition of the Asinine Trade Thread

You've watched the Spurs play. You've seen their off-season moves. You have a feeling that they just need to make one more deal to "put them over the top" even though you know they probably won't. But if SA's front office knew about YOUR trade ...

Is there such a thing as "The Spurs Way"?

San Antonio's only major professional sports franchise has experienced an incredible amount of success since moving from Dallas, but do they really do things that differently from the rest of the teams in the NBA?

Spurs will be just fine without a BUSF

Since Stephen Jackson made his exit, Spurs fans (myself included) have been calling for a reserve small forward to spell Kawhi Leonard. Now, I've changed my mind. Here's why you should, too.

The Top 10 Spurs Games of Last Season

As the previous NBA season recedes in the rearview mirror, it's easier to appreciate the high points of the year without being reminded of ... Anyway, here's a completely arbitrary list of excellent Spurs contests from 2012-13.

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