Fraternizing with the Enemy

A Conversation with Grizzly Bear Blues


SpursFanTN chats with Kevin Lipe. Hopefully, it's a conversation that lasts several weeks with some fantastic playoff games.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: Who's going to be #1?


SpursFanTN of Pounding the Rock talks with J.A. Sherman of Welcome to Loud City to get the opposition's view on tonight's contest between the Spurs and the Thunder.

Fraternizing: SFTN talks Grizzlies w/Kevin Lipe


As we put last night's Heat debacle behind us & look forward to tonight's game against the Grizzlies, what better way to re-familiarize ourselves with our foes in Memphis than with a Fraternizing...

Was the win over OKC due to defense or fatigue?

The Spurs defeated the Thunder on Monday night, but did they do it with their defense, as Mike Prada argues in today's post on the main NBA page, or was it just an off night from the Thunder? And...

Fraternizing w/the Enemy: Dave and JRW again


You guys know the drill on this one, so I'm flipping the script a bit, and letting you fill in the blanks this time. We're doing the set up, but the final word will be yours.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: PtR and DBB Hang Out


Mike Payne of Detroit Bad Boys and SpursfanSteve of Pounding the Rock exchange a q&a about the upcoming Spurs/Pistons game.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: Seth & JRW talk SA@NY


In advance of tonight's Spurs game in Madison Square Garden against the Knicks, Posting and Toasting's Seth, and PtR's own J.R. Wilco have been corresponding for the better part of a month in order...

J. Gomez talks Thunder-Spurs with J.A. Sherman


In anticipation of the second meeting of the season between last season's Western Conference Finals contestants, PtR and Welcome to Loud City have a little Q&A.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: Dave and JRW, Part 2


After yesterday's introduction to the Spurs and Blazers seasons, Dave and JRW move on to more current topics in Day Two of their prelude to tonight's game in Portland.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: Dave & JRW Part 1


I know San Antonio has a game against the Jazz tonight, but Thursday is a special day, because the Spurs play the Portland Trail Blazers, which means that Dave (who runs the excellent Blazer's Edge)...

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