30 Preseason Predictions

30 preseason predictions: San Antonio Spurs

Despite the pain of Game 6, it's business as usual for the Spurs, and that's a great thing.

30 preseason predictions: Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs reloaded in an attempt to get back to the playoffs. But will they be able to overcome their defensive limitations to get there?

30 preseason predictions: Houston Rockets

The Rockets added the most sought-after free agent of the offseason in Dwight Howard. Will they contend?

30 preseason predictions: Boston Celtics

What changes lie ahead for new head coach Brad Stevens?

30 preseason predictions: New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans will make the playoffs. You can bet an alligator on it.

30 Preseason Predictions: Sacramento Kings

It's progress not perfection for the Sacramento Kings, as "Here We Stay" becomes "Now Do Something."

30 preseason predictions: Memphis Grizzlies

Guest columnist Phil Naessens from the Phil Naessens Show shares his thoughts regarding the 2013-2014 Memphis Grizzlies.

30 preseason predictions: Chicago Bulls

Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls return after the year-plus absence of their former MVP, Derrick Rose. Can Derrick Rose finally beat LeBron?

30 preseason predictions: Milwaukee Bucks

Teams may find it hard to hold the Mayo this year.

30 preseason predictions: Minnesota Timberwolves

Is this the year the team's stars finally stay healthy enough to show us how good they really are?


30 preseason predictions: Utah Jazz

The league's next great defensive big man might be hiding in plain sight

30 preseason predictions: Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were one win away from the NBA Finals last year. With the eastern conference even stronger this year, will the team take a step forward or a step backward?

30 preseason predictions: Los Angeles Lakers

Another down year for the Lakers will only quell the suspicions of NBA conspiracy-theorists long enough for LA to pull off a Jordan Hill-for-Kevin Love trade. Just kidding. Or am I?

30 preseason predictions: Detroit Pistons

How will Detroit fare this season with their new franchise building blocks?

30 preseason predictions: Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs have more talent around surging superstar Kyrie Irving than ever before as they look to return to the playoffs this year.

30 preseason predictions: Oklahoma City Thunder

How will the Thunder fare this season with all of their question marks? Will Westbrook be back at 100% by the playoffs?

30 preseason predictions: Portland Trail Blazers

How far can this young Portland team go with another year of experience and a revamped bench?

30 preseason predictions: Denver Nuggets

After losing their coach, GM and best player, can the Nuggets make another postseason run?

30 preseason predictions: Charlotte Bobcats

What does this season hold in store for the lowly Robertcats?

30 preseason predictions: Miami Heat

Can we expect a Heat three-peat in 2013-14?

30 preseason predictions: Orlando Magic

After having the league's worst record last year, what can this promising Magic team deliver this season?

30 preseason predictions: Golden State Warriors

Will the Warriors flop after last season's stunning performance?

30 preseason predictions: Atlanta Hawks

How will the Atlanta Hawks fare in Year 1 of the Coach Bud era?

30 preseason predictions: Washington Wizards

With health on their side, the Wizards should make a strong playoff push this year.

30 preseason predictions: Philadelphia 76ers

It's full-on rebuild mode for Brett Brown's 76ers, but with the aggressive Sam Hinkie, a spectacular future might not be far away.

30 preseason predictions: Los Angeles Clippers

'Lob City' is gone. How far can Doc's Clippers go this year with franchise expectations at an all-time high?

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