Miami Heat Roster Breakdown

Ask and ye shall receive.

Rashard Lewis is a camper. He will stand in the corner and patrol the three point line for most of the game; he'll contribute little to the offensive flow but when he gets the ball he can be deadly, especially of late. He is not a very good defender in any form. He can be had in the post, drove past, and dunked on quite easily. For this he may start a few games, but I'd be suprised with more than 25 MP/G. He is a good role player who has the capability to bust pit big games every now and then.

Mario Chalmers is on different days an aggressive player who can deliver excellent passes and can attack the paint with nice floaters and quick hesitation layups while also being a decent defender who can get a lot of steals by disrupting lanes. But like I said, different days. He is fairly inconsistent, though he is definitely a solid player overall. Watching him grow into a fine point gaurd has been a pleasure.

Toney Douglas, while being a fan favorite of mine from his FSU days, is nothing special but pretty much what you'd expect frpm a third string point gaurd. He is a crisp passer and a good defender, but nothing else.

Chris Anderson. What can I say that he doesn't say for himself. He is one of the most efficient players in the NBA, shooting an insane 64% from the field. He averages nearly 7 points, 5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in only 20 minutes while being a very good defender, especially on help defense. When we ask him to shoot the ball and play extended minutes he doesn't dissapoint. He should get around 25 minutes per game. He would start on most teams.

The very same goes for Michael Beasley. He only gets around 15 minutes per when he plays, but still averages 8 points while shooting 50% from 2 and 40% from 3. He is basically a young Mike Miller who can be just as deadly without a limp and with two shoes. Just a middling defender from what I've seen (again, like Miller) but he's has big games when he's played more minutes. Incredibly, he has yet to play a playoff game. Admittedly, we haven't needed him, but I'd be disapointed if he didn't play in this series.

Speaking of scoring assasins, James Jones is perhaps the best on the team outside pf the big 3. He shoots 54% from 3 and 47% from 2. it is hard to get so many shooters minutes though, and he only averages around 10 most nights. Not a very good defender and suprisingly slow for such a slender man.

Ray Allen speaks for himself, I feel. He's a offensive genius and a better passer than he gets credit for, but he is not a very good defender. He was not his usual self this regular season, but has been back to his usual self in the playoffs. Him and Anderson are usually the first off the bench for very good reasons, they are capable of scoring at a high quality starting caliber rate. If you can't tell by now the Heat have a LOT of scoring options off the bench, but some of them are luxuries. Getting so many shooters minutes is hard work.

Norris Cole is much like his counterpart Mario Chalmers when it comes to consistency, but he is a great defender who can hit timely shots (at an average rate) when he needs to and is a decent passer. Where his true strength is is his speed. He is amazingly quick and his work in the fast break is very good along with having the speed to keep in front of opposing point gaurds. He very well may play more minutes than Chalmers if Tony Parker is torching us.

Shane Battier is a shell of his former self. His aging has downgraded him from a very good defender to just good, and he's no longer a scoring threat, but he remains a very good passer and a leader of the team.

Same goes for Udonis Haslem. He is just meh on the offensive end but is a great defender and an elite rebounder. Despite low minutes, he is the unquestioned leader of the team and he brings a lot of energy and toughness to the team when he gets in. He is likely the best post up defender on the team.

Lastly, Greg Oden. He barely played in the regular season and has yet to play in the playoffs, but when he did play he was not good on offense or defense and I would not expect to see him at all this series.

Thanks for reading if you did, and feel free to ask any questions about the team in the comments section below.

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