Bryce Cotton on Spurs Summer League Team

According to a local news report, the Big East point guard will get a chance from the team.

This link gives a profile of Cotton. The guy doesn't seem like one of those shooting guards stuck in a point guard's body type—he's not Marcus Denmon. He can still flat out score (albeit less efficiently than Denmon, though he was much more efficient on twos last year, on the same scheme, minutes, and attempts) and he's played well as a point guard against good competition.

He can score off the dribble, spot-up, come off screens, make floaters, and change directions. He makes a decent effort at the other end.

There are doubts, of course, if he can defend in the NBA level but he does compare well physically to Isaiah Thomas whose sole advantage out of college was weighing twenty pounds more. Both seem fit and decently athletic to me, and Thomas seems to be doing well for himself right now in the NBA.

My concern would be if he can do as well in the physical NBA given that his role will be more of spot minutes and a microwave option, as echoed by the Big East Bias blog. There is also the slight problem that Scottie Wilbekin shut him down at a workout; and Wilbekin is not some hyper-athletic Aaron Gordon point guard.

Melvin Ejim famously beat Andrew Wiggins for Big 12 Player of the Year. He has good size at 6-7, but he played mostly power forward in college. In his senior year, he was trying to expand his game a bit, shooting three pointers (35%) to add to his transition game. Since he played mostly as a power forward though so he is a bit upright on defense and he doesn't have a well developed dribbling game so his good finishing ability will be effectively only on cuts. Also an offshoot of his position, his good rebounding numbers may be inflated (unless there's a bit of a Kawhi scheme done to take advantage of his nose for the ball). He does have a good motor on him though and does want to transition to the wing full time, so he might work out.

Durand Scott went undrafted last year out of the Miami Hurricanes and played twelve (12) minutes a game the past year at the ACB. He measures out as a slightly larger Eric Bledsoe who hits 50% of his shots from two-point land, but the three-pointer isn't there yet (his stats fell to the high 20s in the ACB after going for the mid 30s in the NCAA). Like Bledsoe, he plays either guard positions. He's not much on defense: he has the physical and athletic tools but isn't there yet in guarding fast point guards and can be overwhelmed at times by larger guards.

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