Ten Things from a UCLA Blogger on Kyle Anderson

A lot of good stuff is being written here on Kyle Anderson but I thought I would give you the perspective of someone who has been watching him since he was at high school all star games as a UCLA commit.

1. Kyle is a coach's dream. He does what is asked. When he was recruited, Ben Howland told him he would play point. Something most coaches were reluctant to do and some scouts doubted he could. Howland promptly screwed Kyle and gave the point guard spot to a fifth year senior and traditional point guard Larry Drew II. While Kyle's family was ballistic, Kyle never complained and played power forward because the team desperately needed someone who could rebound. He not only led the team in rebounds, he was in the top 10 in the conference in assists from the power forward spot.

2. The concerns on Kyle as a three are real. Howland tried to make him a three and it failed miserably. Kyle was lost on offense and could not shoot outside. He was not comfortable on the perimeter without the ball in his hand. On defense he was a liability.

3. Kyle is a good shooter. However, Kyle worked hard on his shot. Last year he was at times unstoppable. He became a very good three shooter and a nightmare cover at the college level. Although he was slow driving, little guys were hopeless against his length and big guys to his moves.

4. Kyle works hard. After his freshman year the knock against him was he could not shoot outside after shooting 21% from three. The next year he shot 48%. He also developed a very good mid range shot. The kid works hard.

5. Kyle is a complete offensive player. Kyle was first or second in every statistically category at UCLA except Field Goal and Free Throw Percentage. How many times is a player first in assists and rebounds and second in scoring.

6. Kyle is a complete defensive player statistically. He led UCLA in rebounds and block shots and was second in steals.

7. The scouts are justified in doubting his defense. Stats do sometimes lie. Kyle was not a good individual defender. But to paraphrase one college scout "he carries the whole load on offense and the boards, so he has earned a pass on D." I know that is not good enough for the pros and I understand the concerns on this one.

8. The turnover numbers are a bit misleading. Kyle's turnovers were fairly high but there is an explanation in the fact he had to carry the load. He got tired. He had to do everything for the team and it showed. He played three more minutes a game then fellow first round draft pick Jordan Adams and would turn the ball over at times when he was tired. He did not have a lot of help in running the offense. Often times the UCLA offense was "let's stand around and wait for Kyle to create. "

9. Kyle beat NBA rebound champ Kevin Love in rebounding at UCLA. Kyle Anderson not only led the PAC 12 in assists he also led the conference in DEFENSIVE REBOUNDS. He had a higher defensive rebounding average then Kevin Love did at UCLA. Love had higher rebound numbers because he also rebounded the offensive boards, where Kyle was too busy playing point guard. Kyle can rebound at the NBA level.

10. The Boris Diaw comparisons are wrong but not for the reason you think. I watched Diaw in the finals and the NBA playoffs. I can honestly say that I think Anderson is a better offensive player. Anderson is as good or better with the ball in his hands and is definitely a better finisher and shooter. That said Diaw is a much better player right now. The best way I can explain this is while Diaw was the second choice to cover Lebron James, I think Pop would put anyone but Anderson on James. Diaw is light years ahead of Anderson on defense and that is where the questions are regarding Anderson. Forget James, can he play defense against another Anderson, Birdman? I think he can because of his basketball IQ, length and desire on things like rebounding. But there are legitimate questions if he is athletic enough.

I think Kyle can play right now for the Spurs on offense but the bigger question is can he ever play defense on the NBA level.

He is a great kid though and will always give his best. He will fit well with the "ball does not stick" mentality as he is unselfish hard working kid who really wants to win.

Good luck Kyle and Spurs!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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