Spurs Bandwagon Fan

Folks, an amazing thing has happened. Travelling for work, I was at JFK airport this past Sunday. Awash in the glow of our Spurs victory, I was enjoying some nice vid of Kawhai plays on my iPhone while waiting for my connection. Looking up for a second, I saw something that really surprised me; it was a young, non-athletic Asian kid wearing a shiny new 2014 Spurs Championship hat! In a sea of NY Yankees "fans" here was a Spurs fan representing.

Well needless to say, I was beside myself. I thought, "well, there must be a San Antonio flight taking off from a nearby gate." So anyhow, I walk up to him and say eloquently "nice hat" - he grins and says thanks. After some other subtleties were exchanged about how great the series was I asked him "so you must be from San Antonio, right?"

"No, I'm from New Orleans" he says.

"Er, so, how long have you been a Spurs fan?" I ask perplexed.

"Oh, about a month," he replies, " they were so good in the Finals, I'm a big fan!"

"Eh, what? I've been a Spurs fan 20+ years, so are you normally a Pelican's fan?", I ask dumbfounded.

~blank stare~

~awkward silence~

"Well I'm just going to college in New Orleans, so..." he says.

~awkward silence~

We parted ways at that point.

I couldn't believe it. Here was a kid who really didn't seem to be into basketball (as a player or fan), didn't seem to know who the home team was in the city where he lived, and yet, and YET, claims the Spurs as his own and sports the NBA Champ hat proudly! Like someone in the 90s wearing a Bulls jersey (which sadly enough was oft seen in San Antonio in those dark days).

After living in NYS for 20 years, in the land of the perennially disappointed Buffalo Bills fans, this has shocked me to my core. Never in my wildest dreams had I expected a time would come when there'd be bandwagon Spurs fans. I mean, 4 championships, the best record in pro-sports perhaps ever, 3 all stars and nothing but years of hate hate hate. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been harassed for wearing my Manu jersey and TD shoes out on the court, but I never stopped wearing them!

Now we have the NBA commissioner praising the Spurs game, sports announcers and legendary players like Magic Johnson heaping platitudes on our players and style of play, and now bandwagon fans!?

If this is a dream don't wake me up!


Bonus: Stopped by the Tissot shop to check out the Tony Parker watch. The behind the counter kept talking about how much better the Spurs would be if they didn't send Grant Hill to the Pacers. heh

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