Spurs Fan from 6000 Miles

Its 2 o'clock in the, morning and I can't sleep. I know for sure that the alarm is set for quarter to 3 but I keep waking up and checking the Phone to make sure it's there.

So what the hell, I get out of bed, go up to make sure that my Spurs Band is secure, put on my "Go Spurs Go" T-Shirt open my browser at NBA – Game time, turn on the T.V – it's always there in case the internet connection falls down, and I wait .

But suddenly my son appears "I came to watch the Game with you", "but you can't, I always watch the Game on my computer and it might be a Jinx. But there is nothing I can do "we are going to win tonight and I want to see it with you.

And then Miami and Lebron jump start the Game and at 22- 6 I tell to get lost but persistent as he is we keep on watching and crossing our fingers and even when it's 20 points lead I'm still haunted by Ray Allen waiting at the corner .

And when it's over this is the second year in a row that my older son gets to see me crying only this time these are tears of joy.

Can you imagine what is it like to follow a Team from 6000 miles away, to have to wake up at night in order to be able to watch live Games, to be tortured by 1001 reruns of those terrible 26 sec of Game 6, to hear the phrase again and again about the old Spurs?"

I don't know exactly when did it began but the fact that I have a wonderful family in San Antonio and that my son sent one week in the summer of 2008 in a Basketball Camp, but it kept growing through hard times and bitter loses and the realization that this is the "best Team in the world", that what the Spurs represent is the kind of thing you want to tell your children "Only few are borne with a gift like Timmy or Lebron and each year only one person is drafted as Nr. 1; but you can be Nr 57 and Nr 21 or "only a trade option ad if you know to fit yourself as a part of a team, as a egoless peach of a puzzle the result is unbelievable as long as you believe .

And believing had a great part in being a Spurs Fan from far far away so last year I packed my bags I came to see the Spurs crushing Miami in Game tree, but than watching game 5 in a sport bar in Newark where I'm the only one with a Spurs T-Shirt, and of course sitting in front of the T.V and hoping that my shout "kick his leg" will travel fast enough to reach South beach in time – It didn't.

And when the Finals begin and there is no place to find a Spurs – Flag and I must order my own


And before; during and after the Game that texting with my Family in San Antonio, or my daughter in Newark – it sure not that simple because being a Fan is about sharing – victories as well as loses .

But what a rewarding feeling is it tell my wife that's it time to hang the 2007 T-Shirt in the closet because a new one is on its way (courtesy of the Hendin family of San – Antonio) and how great it feels to get telephone calls from everybody here in Israel who knows my passion (and believe it or not there are many infected through me with the Spurs – Virus), or to be greeted by neighbors and friends who ask me – did you do it – as if I'm in any way responsible for the 5th LOT .

And you know what? Even the local T.V is broadcasting game 5 on and on and the commentators don't stop speaking about those "Unbelievable Spurs"

Sspurs Champions.jpg

And one does feel a sense of satisfaction with the knowledge that "I knew it all the Time"

So it might be hard and demanding to be a Spurs - Fan from far away, and addmitbly it's not that easy and convenient – but for sure there is nothing more rewarding then being a Spurs Fan

Go Spurs Go

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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