OGT Sorta... So Many Posts

I thought 350+ comments was a lot. WRONG!!! These fans are posting maniacs and there recap reached 760 posts. 760!!!. Anyway, here it is:

this is the perfect team to school us in preparation for future deep playoff runs.

by williamswonder

well, that was unpleasant

by blindnil

There's something about that Splitter guy. He can somehow defend LMA.

by Blazing Chargers

Spurs play defense.

by T Darkstar

WE DID IT: We outscored them in the second half.

I dedicate the second half to Wes Matthews, my mom, my 2nd grade reading teacher, Mort…
by thankyouforblaze

I dont know what what to say that hasnt already been said. Weve blown it big time.

All we can do is try to regain some confidence at home
by cavejunctionblazer

Can the Blazers win a single game? I'm having a hard time believing they can given the past two games and what looks like a lack of effort

I’m just hoping they can show some effort and lose by less than 5
by pdxthomastran

What's wrong with larmacus?

Fatigue or just suckiness?
by Butch Cassidy

Rolo is to slow

by Threelittlebears

Hate the NBA! Seriously the most corrupt officiating I've ever seen.

by VinnyB

The Spurs played a large role in their win.

The refs just added some salt to the wounds here and there. That’s it.
by Showtime14

Right now, I would be happy if this thing went six

by fanoftrc

Tim and Manu have to retire some time right? Right?!?!

by pdxthomastran

Spurs just set screens and hit 3s

Besides that they just got Kawhi Leonard
by Siccolo

Spurs hit all the heart-breaker shots

Which is annoying as hell
by Siccolo

Want to win a championship, here's an easy step:

Step 1 and final step: Draft Tim Duncan
by ferrariford2

I blame the snake

by RainInRipCity

i hope an angry opossum "wanders" into bellynelly's locker next game

by SNewtn

really you just kicked our a*!&
by Carthage

I cant hate the spurs...

The fan’s are classy and I can’t literally name one player on the team I don’t like…
Complete change from last series.
by blazersfoo2

I was going to buy tickets for game 6

I’m hoping the price went down after tonight.
by koyote

Spurs fans have been great. Why can't your Texas brethrens, cough*Rocketsfans*cough* behave like you?

by PDXLink

where did Manziel end up going anyway?

I don’t want the Blazers to be today’s biggest loser.
by Reasonable Approximation

Call PETA, Call the Press, Call the Police, Call the President, Call a Priest

The snake in the locker room was an outrage, a sacrilege .
by fanoftrc

what are they hitting, 80%? It sure looks like it, just laser guided bombs from anywhere and everywhere...

by Tyler Durrden

Already feels like the team has dysentery.

by Timmay!

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