Charles "I attack women's weight on TV" Barkley

"There are some big ole women down there... that's a gold mine for weight watchers...Victoria's definitely a secret, they can't wear no Victoria's down there... they wear big old bloomers... ain't nothing skimpy down in San Antonio."

This is not the first time Charles has mocked the women of San Antonio for their weight, even stating it as a reason he doesn't want to visit the city. His fellow TNT announcers were the ones that egged him on and laughed along. The same men that were some of the most angered by Donald Sterling's racist remarks; didn't find anything wrong with a man using his airtime to mock and offend woman for their weight? It's almost flabbergasting to wake up this morning and barely see anything on the internet about this man. Does being an olympian really make it okay for you to judge an entire city of women? After hearing Chuck's views on the women from my hometown I was so infuriated all I could do was mutter petty things about him (and cheer as San Antonio kicked some major ass). So here is my open letter to Mr. Chuck; sans all the insults I wanted to slur at him,

Charles Barkley,

It's pretty much known that anyone from San Antonio dislikes you; you choose every team over us, you are most likely the person that came up with the "they're old so they'll lose" predictions for our team, and you constantly offend our city from its world famous Riverwalk to our women. I'm actually writing to you to get you to stop talking about things you weren't hired to talk about. I have a list of things that shouldn't come up when discussing Basketball.

1. Generalizing an entire city.

The female population in San Antonio is roughly 591,401; you just stated that almost 600,000 women are so fat they can't wear Victoria's Secret. You just called about 600,000 women fat because they are from San Antonio.

2. Stereotyping women for their looks.

Chuck, why in the world are judging women on their looks? It is 2014 and we are more than our bodies. A. we have enough young girls and women doing detrimental damage to their bodies to look like the standard beauty and B just like men, women are more than their weight.

3. Suggesting what type of undergarments a woman should be wearing because of her looks.

Plain and simple; you're a man and have no right to tell me or any other woman what underwear to wear.

And while I'm at it here's a couple suggestions to stop the other offensive things you said last night.

4. Suggesting the only thing you can get from a Tex-Mex city is a churro.

No. No. No. San Antonio is home to a lot of Tex-Mex this is true we also have great Italian, Steak Houses, and literally every other type of food. We don't just have churros.

5. Making fun our Riverwalk.

Seriously dude, you are paid to discuss Basketball and most of the time you are wrong so maybe leave the landscape and architecture discussions alone.

All in all Chuck I get it, you weren't just hired because you were once a legend. You were hired for your personality, and because of your legend status you can get away with a lot of "Oh that's just Chuck" responses to some of the bull that you say. Yet, if you had the wherewithal to see what a terrible person Donald Sterling was for his racist remarks, you should probably understand that your remarks (not on the same level of terrible as Sterling) did make a city (women and men) feel as hurt and angry. So please stop attacking women for their weight on national TV and go back to talking about basketball, and when it comes time for you visit San Antonio during the playoffs I hope you safely eat your churros by yourself in your hotel room.

Thank you,

The big ole women from San Antonio

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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