OGT Sorta.. Blazers Edge


I probably won't be able to capture all the good on blazers edge every OGT, but I'll try my best. Anyway, here is the first edition of volume 2:

Playoff Pop

Isn’t that a DR Suess book?
by Eat Politicians

This was the most disappointing and lifeless outing I've seen in a long, long time

by illumined


by thankyouforblaze

Always knew Tony Parker was a dirty mutant.

by PDXLink

All the Spurs fans that have come to Blazers Edge are very nice and knowledgable

by llamaiguana

I think we set a franchise record for fewest assists in a playoff game

by axel360

Can I uncover my eyes yet?

by JonathanPDX

Well, we did cut it to a tie at 0-0.

by llamaiguana

San Antonio's bench didn't get a chance to rest tonight. They will be fatigued next game!

by Hermistonmelons

trade LaMarcus, he had his chance .
by darktruth

I'm jealous of their bench

by RainInRipCity

Well, at least my Bill Walton t-shirt came in the mail today!

That’s a good sign, right, guys?
by Mantre7179

1 game 1 game 1 game

It sucked
by Mortimer

Obviously that was as terrible as terrible gets

by Corwin71

Well, lets make our adjustments and win the next one.

by solid_soup

Let's not start 0/10 from the field and work from there.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. No need to panic.
by TheMaestro77727

You guys, this is a rope-a-dope

We let them run wild tonight, throwing their best punches, while we danced around the edges and into the corners.
by superfly05

Charles Barkley clearly jinxed us.

by ferrariford2

I can live with a sweep, but I don't want too .

by darktruth

safe to say I should just wipe this one off the DVR?

by RoodiePhirnandizz

This is what the spurs do.

Game 1: spurs win
Opponent fans: hmm, well okay, it’s the spurs. No biggie.
Game 2: spurs win
Opponent fans: well, at least the game was closer this time. Let’s tighten up the screws at home.
Game 3: spurs win
Opponent fans: crap. Well, maybe the spurs will get overconfident since no team has ever blown a 3-0 lead.
And you know what they do in game 4?
by KingWes

I think we confused regular season SA with playoffs SA.

Two different animals.
by amlmart1

Well, that happened

Let us never speak of it again.
by Eugene Saxe

Just… wow. Spurs looked like Cthulhu while the Blazers looked like deer in headlights.
by avalancheman

i am devastated

at how not devastated i am. my lack of worry is worrying me the freak out!
by nerfthunder

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