OGT Sorta... Every End Leads to a Beginning

First of all, I want to congratulate all mavs players and fans for beating all expectations. Secondly, I'd like to thank the Mavs Moneyball users for making this exciting seven game OGT series exciting and fun to make. So, without further ado, let's view what the mavs fans had to say about the game and/or the series:

I wish Ellis didn't get into such early foul trouble

by KendallShpendal

Think this game more accurately portrayed the qualitative distance between us and the Spurs

more than any other game in this series. When it’s on the line they can finish, and we’re capable of playing good D from time to time but mostly it absolutely blows. They killed us because when you get right down to it they’re the vastly superior team and we’re capable of playing to their level only occasionally.
We had fun for awhile in this series but then reality set in.
by stupidsexyflanders

We only won 3 out of 11 games against them this season

which means we were only able to play to their level or above 3 out of 11 times. And in the penultimate game when the pressure to win was at its highest, they killed us by 23 points.
They also won 13 more games than us in the regular season – a huge margin.

It’s necessary to be truthful and recognize and admit the difference between us and them is large because otherwise we’ll end up trivializing our deficiencies using the rationale: "Oh we took SA to 7 games in the playoffs so we must be only 1 or 2 pieces away from being at their level." We shouldn’t fool ourselves. We need tons of help this offseason (especially on D) to get us into the rarified air that SA and OKC occupy.
by stupidsexyflanders

Another horrible game from Dirk

It was great seeing the Mavs put up one last big fight, but dispiriting to see Dirk grow old before our eyes.
by Dirk_Joakim

yeah dirk is a scrub

by veyronp87

If 7-game series

don’t entertain you, I don’t know what will.
by Zach_The_Gamecock

it feels like I have been teased by a slut

and ultimately its more disappointing. Going home from the bar at 7pm and playing computer games and eating ice cream with a couple of friends is much more fun than staying out until 3am watching some hot girl wag her ass in your face all night, soak up $200 of drinks etc, and then leave once she has accomplished watch she set out to do.
by tucsonbandit on May 5, 2014 | 7:36 AM

To blame the refs for this game, rather than a defense that allowed the other team to shoot 800%, simply isn’t fair to the refs.
by The_M

Can't believe we laid such a huge deuce after how well we played in this series.

by Miller58

Great season, today or not

by nickswarriors16

If they just want to keep this old core together without adding several key defensive players and an additional scorer....

I have a grave prognosis for the Mavs for the next season.
by Alex_mavsfan

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