Spurs Day Experience, Start to Finish

Well, to start out I want to say the Bad Pierre suggested for me to "write a fanpost about your game experience." (by Badpierre ) after I said I would be going. So, Since I am done with most of my school work I decided what the hell, I'll do it. So this is going to be a half chronology half narrative story that I am just going to do as I go with the flow and type what I recall as I recall it. Here it is:

I wake up to get ready for school and help out with some morning pet chores.
At the moment I am extremely excited that the WCF is going to be that night, and was looking forward to going to Freetails, a sports bar famous for their craft beers, pizza, and pull-down projector screen that covers the largest wall. Of course these thoughts were pretty blurry due to the fact that I just got up.

I am fully awake and heading to sch...

Fudge it, Let's just get to the game and skip the boring moments of the day

My Dad and I arrived at the ATT Center about an hour and a half early, so we stayed out in the courtyard and listened to some 80s music. But not just any 80s music. The band consisted of 4 extremely nerdily (Is that a word? Edit: yes it is.) dressed musicians who interacted with the crowd more than any other band has done, like EVER. They were totally kick ass and were head and Timmy's shoulders ahead of every other band to play at overtime. After about an hour of listening to cleverly introduced and spectacularly performed songs such as Jessie's Girl and Dancing with Myself, we headed to our seats to watch the players come onto the court.

I noticed the shirts immediately once I got to my seat. They were so simple, yet in the moment, they were the most perfect shirts ever created (Ok, behind a Tim Duncan autographed jersey signed "to my dear fan Jacob, who I will gladly honor in my hall of fame acceptance speech." I don't think anything would beat that). I immediately rushed to put the shirt on and promptly did what I always do during a playoff game: stand, boo the refs, and cheer on the players. A half hour before the game starts. I was leaking with energy, Even though I've been to several playoff games and one from last year's WCF, I never take a game for granted, even the bucks (which I went to btw).

So in order for me to not die of hyper-compression (I don't know an actual medical term for this) from the energy built up within me, I kept shouting "GREAT SHOT PATTY!!!", "PUT ON YOUR SHIRT(s)!", and "Damn, we better not miss this many 3 pointers and layups in the actual game grumble.. grumble.." I shouted this even as the old guys in front of me turned around and gave me an akward stare, even as the too-young-to-be-drinking-in-public-looking girl next to me spilt her beer when she sat down looking at me.

But all of this didn't matter. I was in a zone that I only reach during sports games I feel are important. I felt the vibe of the cheering my Dad would do if he wasn't suffering from the jet lag of arriving from Russia that afternoon, the mojo of my lucky Texas A&M football at home, and other pulses rushing through me at that moment and all th moments leading up to the final buzzer. I knew, right then, that we would win.

[Break while I go to a few more classes]

The stadium was surprisingly and annoyingly quiet from tip-off til the end of the first quarter. Not I, of course, but a lot of people in my section were just *shudder* sitting. But nonetheless, I was cheering like a fool at every call; starting the defense chant a few ticks before the melody started, shouting at the refs, shouting my own version of the famous reaction to Johnny Manziel's fumble touchdown and duke hurdle combined on simple duncan layups.

At the end of the first, we were in the lead, despite a couple of extraordinarily questionable calls. I kept saying to my dad "You know, I think we'd be up at least a couple more points if those refs would just call it like every other person here sees it."

Then the second quarter happened. A switch was turned on that I was waiting for the whole game. The stadium was actually LOUD. I could cheer at my normal rate without being the odd one out. Surges blasted the domed walls of the stadium on Kawhi dunks and spins, and boos blew through the air as bad call after bad call after bad call after bad call... were called. I finally pulled out the good old classic ref criticism: refs you suck.

Both of my tries failed however, and we went into the half with the least stable 8 point lead of all time. I went to go get my traditional halftime snacks of a peanut ice cream bar and a regular sized coke and all of my anger went out (or so I thought) on the ice cream as I blindly bit into it, forgetting the tingling sensation that came with it........................................................................................................................................................................................

Sorry, I had a brain freeze just thinking about how cold that bite was. Anyway, back to the game

The second half started poorly offensively and the officiating continued to be sucky. I watched with despair (cheering with exuberance of course) as the lead dwindled, and dwindled, and dwindled, and was finally gone. And then some sort of switch, like the one during the transition of the first and second quarters, happened with the refs. They actually started making consistent calls.

The stadium was getting louder and louder and louder until we reached a peak equivalent to dallas game 7. Gino was hitting shots that were completely absent in the portland series. Durant became frustrated and drew silly, stupid, quick fouls.

You know the rest of course. Spurs went on to win 122-105 that night, a night in which it seemed like no calls were going our way for two and a half quarters. A night in which Kawhi solidified his name into my heart and the heart of basketball fans everywhere. Until I think about ho he will replace of course... *sob*

Game over. We won. Time to go to bed. But this wasn't one of those normal days after a spurs game. This was the WCF!!! No one in their right mind would leave ummediately after the game DURING THE WCF, not to mention that the SPAZMATICS WERE PLAYING!!!!

So ya, basically my Dad and I found a table and ate some BBQ together while listening to some 80s music for about thirty minutes before heading out. You know, just enough time for the greatest post-game show on earth to start: React.

I tune in as usual once we got to my Dad's car and, because this isn't just every other night, I just thought "What the hell, I'll call in and complain about the refs." So I call in and have to wait about 15 minutes, which is WAY shorter than other fan reaction sports shows, and firmly decide during that time that I was going to ask what his take was on the reffing.

But then the caller ahead of me had to pluck the question right out of mouth, saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "The officiating was pretty bad tonight, what did you think about it?" Geoff (Is that how you spell it?) then went on to give a brilliant impromptu shrug of a response pop style. He pretty much said "No, I don't believe in conspiracies, but ya, it was bad... Next cller is Jacob! Hi Jacob!"

I was scrambling, trying to come up with a response for my original thought was already taken. So I started out pretty stupidly, kinda like a Doc Rivers interview replying "Uh... I just wanted to say that I uh... completely agree with uh... your thoughts about the refs, and I thought that the crowd was uh... great..."

Then I came up with a master question (not really, but it was improv so cut me some slack!), "... I was there, and was just amazed at how exotic some of the lineups Brooks threw out on the court. I mean Durant was playing center and the other 4 players would be guards! (1 second chuckle inserted here) Anyway, I was just thinking that uh... (Damn it! it came back!) Kawhi was able to take full advantage of you know, the likes of reggie jackson and derick fisher during this game. Do you think we continue to feed kawhi and maybe diaw or others in the post throughout the series when OKC is playing small?

Geoff:"Great question Jacob and I was getting into this a bit in the pregame and plan on doing a segment bout it later on tonight, but Ibaka's value was really shown here..."

I felt that he had given a great response by the time it was all said and done, and then the next caller kinda spoiled my mood. "Hey Geoff! First of all, I want to wish that Jacob kid a happy 7th birthday... (utter nonsense about stupid non-related stuff inserted here)." I mean seriously? I'm 15 and have a plenty deep enough voice that unless his radio was broken or the water he was drinking was different, you could tell I was not 7.

And then, for the third straight time in a row, I LOVE Geoff's response. "Ya, I'm not gonna comment on that..." Considering that is what his show is all about, I thought that was pure gold.

On the way home I kinda fell asleep in the car after those questions and don't really remember or care to tell the details of what I do to get ready for bed.


For any of you who actually finished my post, thank you for reading and I apologize for any grammar/spelling errors and the lack of PtR qulity writing. I kind of wrote this in a hurry and late at night after homework, so sorry. Anyway, GSG and cue the F*** you thunder gif!

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