How SB Nation predicts the playoffs (for those who need more superstition)

After doing some OGTs, I found out that the spurs website, PtR, has WWWAAYYY more commentors/stories than everyone else(sometimes). So I decided I'd write up a simple fan post explaining how each of the playoff teams fanbases' respective websites corrolates to whether they will win their round.

Teams Game threads + Quick-caps comments combined (heat/cats will not be included because it's already a given that heat will win east):


1 seed Spurs: 2062 total comment per game (tcpg)

2 seed Thunder: 39 tcpg

3 seed Clippers: 1151 tcpg

4 seed Rockets: 2914 tcpg

5 seed Blazers: 2928 tcpg

6 seed Warriors: 2155 tcpg

7 seed Grizzlies: 6 tcpg

8 seed Mavs : 858 tcpg


1 seed Pacers: 1773 tcpg

3 seed Raptors: 512 tcpg

4 seed Bulls: 82 tcpg

5 seed Wizards: 718 tcpg

6 seed Nets: 1352 tcpg

8 seed Hawks: 1047 tcpg

Now time for the superstition part that proves the spurs will win the nba championship. To calculate who will win each round and how many tcpgs they are worth in the next, subtract the smaller number from the larger number in each playoff matchup.

This has spurs winning with 1204
Thunder- 33
Warriors- 1004
Blazers- 14
Pacers- 686
Nets- 840
Wizards (already won)- 636

Based on this, these will be the second round matchups:

Spurs (1204) v. Blazers (14)
Thunder(33) v. Warriors(1004)
Pacers(686) v. Wizards(636)
Nets(840) v. Heat (Auto-east champs, so they trump all eastern teams)

The results of this round will be:


Based on this format, the spurs will play the "cinderella team" warriors, and the heat will play the somehow-they-pulled-it-together pacers. Obviously heat wins out with an auto, and the spurs will beat the warriors with 219 tcpg left. The finals will result in a rematch of the heat (espn favorites) and the spurs (tcpg favorites; 219 > N/A).

Now for the reason 219 beats auto...

It's actually quite simple... (not really)

The spurs total age of roster: 428
The heat total age of roster: 454
Total difference: 26
Total regular season games played in franchise history: 53
26x2 = tied closest whole number that when doubled equals 53
franchise regular season record: spurs-35, heat-18 (spurs win about 2x as many games as heat)

so based on that, the spurs will beat the heat in 6, which is where the spurs win 2x as many games the heat. GSG!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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