My Not-So-Secret Pleasure (TWSS)

Alrighty then! I have created a few fanposts during this past season, mostly encouraging lurkers to come out of the shadows. I lurked for quite a while on PTR, enjoying the comaraderie while feeling like I didn't know enough about basketball to comment.

Then, one day, I commented. The rest is history. Or legend. Or mythology. (C'mon Aladdin fans, I'm talking to you!)

I like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain.... silliness, quirky jokes, and sarcasm. And the Spurs. PTR fulfills these things nicely. I don't have to be a genius in basketball, just a fan. I've actually learned more about basketball since joining the commentators, since I have asked questions and gotten fantastic "regular people" answers to those lame questions. I even figured out how to add some pictures to my comments, even though I STILL don't have a FLIKR account!

When I wrote my "Nuggets" post, I was thrilled to pieces that anyone read it, much less commented for the first time. I also found that I have a "secret pleasure" : Non native english speakers commenting. There were a few first timers that commented after my post and it was SO COOL!!!! I have several family members whose first language is not english. (FYI: Spanish and Norwegian) I have noticed with both languages that there is a particular cadence to the writings of non english speakers. I didn't realize it at first, but I was reading these posts with the inflections of my cousins from separate continents and cultures, and not missing a beat. I love that.

Now, I cannot speak a word of Norwegian and I butcher Spanish as only an American can. But I hear and read them much better than I speak them. I also can usually figure out some French and Italian (thank you high school Spanish teacher). And I understand the translated to English posts here quite well. Somehow, I project the voices of these "foreign" posts as coming from the various Spurs from all over the world. I, like many others, have heard the voices of Tiago, Marco, Tony, Manu, even Patty in interviews, and accept these different accents as part of the Spurs' family.

I think that one of the worries that lurkers have is that their writing or their English is not good enough to join in the comments. Let me tell you now that it doesn't matter. Comment if you want to. If you can follow 50% of what is posted here, your English is good enough. If all you can write is "Go Spurs Go", that works, too!

Plus, I LOVE hearing a comment from a long time lurker! It is fun to be a part of PTR and I am so happy to help others jump into the comments.

So come and say hello! The Playoffs are a fantastic time to join in and let your presence be known. You never know who is reading these comments. I found out when I went to a playoff game recently that Ric Renner of Fox Sports SouthWest enjoys PTR's analytics and postgame gif breakdowns. That's pretty cool. Tony, Manu, Tiago, Marco. All of them have friends who just might see a comment from a fellow countryman and mention it to them. That could make them happy. You never know. I triple dog dare you!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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