OGT Sorta...

mail is

AND he reads his emails.
by Natsthecat

send a gif of them doing a bounce pass

by Tyler Durrden

Here's a suggestion list:

1. Defense
2. Actually fight over a pick from time to time
3. Did I mention defense?
Still a good season for Dame.
by xedubx

I'm pulling for the Spurs

by jayfisher

And lets hope the Spurs go on to sweep then next two series to the NBA Title.

THAT would put this Blazer season into perspective.
by HiPo Steve

This was just the final step in our master plan to screw over Dwight Howard.

Remember when he said after the last game of round 1 that LaMarcus and Dame should go on and "win a chip"? We weren’t going to let him have that satisfaction!
by Reasonable Approximation

Deal with it, Houston

by HJprobs

I prefer this one

by allthebacon

Pass the bleach

by Bib Fortuna

I had never heard Duncan talk... his voice is much higher than expected

by lamian_dillard

Fundamentally sound..

by heybabydrinkyourmilk


Ok…good season. Off to bed now D:
by WillBartonMVP

Let's just forget that series ever happened

by axel360

Falling skies is trash

by KingWes

goodbye cruel world

by colbymac

What am I going to do now?

by bustabucket

Spurs fans...

Much like the Spurs team and organization, are pure class – nothing but respect for you. Great team, great organization, HOF coach who does the best courtside interviews ever (hoping I can find a YouTube compilation of Pop’s interviews), and intelligent, classy fans.

Thanks for the kind words, and as far as the rest of this season goes, I’ll definitely be watching and rooting for your Spurs the rest of the way – here’s hoping Parker is OK going forward.

by tiKiDRe

on a positive note....I don't have to listen to reggie miller anymore!

by bustabucket


The pressure is still on the spurs
by phil.k

Hey basketball gods,
Please let the spurs beat the crap out of whoever they play next.
Sad Blazer fan
by bustabucket

Father time cant even beat San Antonio..

by BigMoney

I'm not a big fan of quoting what fans say on opponent sites, but I'll make an exception here

Favorite thing about this series: Spurs!
Second favorite thing: Blazers fans!
Third thing: Nachos!
by CIN-C-STAR on May 14, 2014 | 9:40 PM reply rec flag

by Corvid

At least there is World Cup this summer.

by Sabonis4Ever

I root for the Spurs from here on out (if I have to root for a team).
by llamaiguana

Go win that title!!!

And steamroll everyone in your way the same you steamrolled us please :-)
by Mortimer

My preferences for 2013-2014 NBA champion:

1 – Wiz
2- Spurs
3 – Pacers
4 – Clips
5 – Heat
87 – OKC
by Corwin71


OKC ranked too high.
by Timmay!

I couldn't figure out how to do exponents

by Corwin71

I suppose if we (BEers) weren't all Aspergers

and socially awkward we would show up at the airport to greet the team.
by BrewDude

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