Erler chats with Phil Naessens about the Spurs, Blazers and Charles Barkley

Steve Dykes

I like those three things in descending order.

We were close, so close my friends. I could practically taste it.

Phil Naessens was absurdly confident in his Blazers pick in the San Antonio-Portland series and I was really looking forward to teasing him about it mercilessly for the entirety of my 15-minute weekly spot on his show. I had jokes planned and everything. (This kind of genius can't be totally spontaneous all the time.)

Unfortunately, your Spurs ruined everything by playing like dorks in Game 4. THEY RUINED IT.

So instead, we're left with me making sad rationalizations, gamely previewing Game 5 and talking mostly about Portland's adjustments, pretending like I know what the heck I'm talking about.

Mostly we chatted about Charles Barkley and the TNT gang, because that's a thing. For the record, I do not consider myself a huge fan of large ladies, but as quite the portly fellow myself, I'm hardly in the position to judge. I get teased all the time, to this day, about my weight and I do not care for it at all. It affects my mood and stuff. So I can certainly sympathize and relate to anyone offended by Barkley's shtick.

That's all it is though, shtick, and I think I do a decent job of explaining my feelings about the matter to Phil, so listen in for that.

Also, for this week my segment will be the basketball meat of a podcasting sandwich served with delicious, toasted, baseball bread. (I'm hungry and will be getting food after I finish this.) Before me comes Patrick MacCoon of, SBNation's Atlanta Braves blog, to discuss the slumpin', whiffin' Bravos, who my Giants have totally owned so far this season, with Tim Lincecum in particular making them look silly.

After me, Phil welcomes back Rush Olson from the appropriately named, to discus the travails about the Chicago Cubs. All I know about the Cubs is that Jeff Samadzija pitches for them and I used to be a big fan of him back when he was a wide receiver for Notre Dame, to the point that I would create him in Madden games. I guess he made the right choice to choose baseball instead, since he'll make way more money and not have to worry about concussions, but I'm still kinda bitter about it.

In case the player above doesn't work you can listen to the entire program from Phil's site located here.

Take a listen. His show is broadcast Monday thru Friday on Max Sports Channels, Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network , Kozmik Radio, First Online RadioEpix RadioAbscape Radio and Baseball Talk Radio.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts of the show in the comments and offer feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

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