OGT Sorta... Lot's of respect

There was a lot of respect for our spurs in the game 3 recap. There was also a lot of draft/trade speculation. So basically most of the fan base has given up on their chances (sadly). Anyway, here are the comments:

I really enjoyed last night's episode of Grimm.

by MiledAnimal

hose 8 seconds we lead were cool.

by Blazing Chargers

Spurs get credit, it was clearly a goal to take the crowd out of it from the opening tip

They succeeded.
by Timmay!

Portland has made all kinds of mistakes

But the Spurs are just insane right now on top of it. It’s a nasty little double-whammy.
by Timmay!

Yeah, after losing this bad to them you hope they go on to win and dont lay an egg against OKC next round

by Carthage

I think that the SPURS are the most MOTIVATED team I have ever seen.

Truly…they know that this may be their last chance with Duncan and even Ginobli AND they seem to want the DO OVER with Miami. I think that TP, Duncan and Popovich’s WILLS will get them to the finals.
It’s not just the physical part of the game that is important…the mental part is huge.
And I think that Popovich by FAR out coaches Scott Brooks.
by Natsthecat

I actually feel bad for our guys, having to come onto the home court down 0-3, with everyone in the world knowing they have no chance.

by MiledAnimal

If you're gonna fail, fail big.

by MiledAnimal

Me in 20 years:

"Son, let me tell you about how the Blazers made history by winning a series down 3-0."
by pdxthomastran

And Santa Claus made it happen.

by Natsthecat

Game 4: The Battle for Pride.

Don’t get swept. That is all.
by Blazing Chargers

#^* ******* ******* ****** ******** ******** £¥*#
%##* **** pass the bleach
by KingWes

Spurs should be banned from playing in the NBA. What kind of humans are those who are so consistently good for like 30 years? Their should be balance. Ban the Spurs!

by ferrariford2

Stupid team gets stupid HOFer just because stupid Admiral has on owie for a stupid season

by twinsbrewer

They got so, so lucky on that

For every Tim Duncan there’s dozens upon dozens of busts.
by illumined

Our current guys wouldn’t look half bad if we had Diaw and Bellinelli in front of them.
by Reasonable Approximation

Not nearly

Drunk enough.
by pdxblazin

Now if you all excuse me, i’m off to spend some time with tequila and violent video games.
by TheDSpot

Why is Pop still pissed? They are up 3-0 in this series. It's like he's disappointed. My god.

by ferrariford2

Is Popovich the best coach ever?

I think he is
by Siccolo

I said go after Belinelli and people laughed :(

by Hollywood Blaze

Ok--so will Popovich pull a Popovich and sit

his older guys in game 4??? This might seem bush league, but I am dead serious. I could totally see Pop doing it.
by fanoftrc

I can't stand

San Antonio. I am so sick of them. That being said, they will win it all this year.
by PABroncofan

Eating lots of ice cream mixed with bleach

by KingWes

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