This Team is Different



First, I'd like to get this out of the way. I'm 16 years old and have been a Spurs fan since 2005. The first NBA game I ever saw was Game 7 of the 2005 Finals and (thankfully) decided to choose the Spurs as my "favorite" team. I went to a Spurs vs. Bobcats game in Charlotte in 2010, but did not start paying really close attention to the Spurs until the 2011-12 season.

That being said, last years run to the Finals was an entirely new experience for me. I had not seen this team in that position before and it brought a whole new excitement to the games on TV. As I watched the Spurs down their accursed rival from before my time, the Lakers, and handle Golden State and Memphis with ease, I didn't know what to think. From my perspective, the 2012-13 Spurs were an unstoppable beast. I vaguely remembered the lessons of the WCF loss to OKC the year before, that the Spurs are just like any other team, but I thought these Spurs were different.

When the Finals came around I had no doubt the Spurs would win. From my point of view, this was a team that had so much experience, gone through so many trials and tribulations that it was impossible for them to encounter a situation against Miami that they had not already encountered before. I was a very new and a very naive fan. In the end, their season ended in a way that would destroy any other franchise.

We all remember Game 6. The memory of it haunts me from time to time. It haunts the minds of every Spurs fan on the planet, not to mention the minds of the players. For me, it was my first real experience of a Spurs gut wrenching loss. I was too young to watch Derek Fisher's 0.4 shot in '04, and too young to remember Manu's foul on Dirk in '06. This loss stung. I wanted that championship for myself more than anything else. I wanted to see with my own eyes Duncan, Ginobili and Parker win it because I believed wholeheartedly this was their last chance. I came within seconds of having that wish, but it was taken away from my by a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck in American Airlines Arena.

When this season started I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what would happen. There were murmurings everywhere saying that the Spurs were going to have a "Finals Hangover" and start out terrible or that they would start out hot and then slowly wither away due to age and the fatigue of playing into June and then starting back so soon. When the Spurs started out 13-1 I was overjoyed. I forgot about all the "they're to old" talk and began to take full interest in this season. To this day I have seen every game except for about five of them and have suffered through the injury plagued games of February while enjoying the "Kawhi" games of March.

And now here we stand. Through yet another season filled with seemingly more problems than years past. This Spurs team has been tried by fire and somehow they've come out even stronger. Through having the starters minus Timmy injured for most of 2014, the Spurs have the chance to tie the franchise record for wins tomorrow against the Lakers. The Spurs set franchise records for the longest win-streak and the most road wins. This team is different. This team is spectacular. You can say what you want about not beating OKC or Houston in the regular season, but there is no denying the greatness that has been wrought on the NBA this year by this iteration of the Spurs. There is no doubt in my mind that come June the Spurs will still be playing on TV and there is an extremely good chance that they will be written down in the annals of history as the 2013-14 NBA Champions.

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