My Inconsistent Love Affair with the Spurs

I loved writing when I was younger, and have wanted to write a Fan Post for a while. However, I am not great at in depth analysis or a stat-head. Sure, I like to look up some stats, but don’t know how to delve past that top layer of numbers to really find those hidden gems of information. I decided a nice, fluffy puff piece was my best option, so I apologize in advance for torturing you poor Pounders.

Growing up my parents were never into sports, however, they encouraged me to play them at a young age. I started with t-ball, then karate after watching Ralph Macchio play Daniel Larusso in Karate Kid. I dabbled in soccer, and bowling (it was a beautiful day when I found I could take bowling as a college course!). Basketball was my favorite though.

In elementary school I would play some "street ball" or as tough as you can in fourth grade in your friend’s suburb. Before the game we would always pause to declare which player we were. I was always David Robinson, as I was bigger than the others. After lowering that 10ft rim down to seven or eight feet, we hit the pavement. I don’t remember how well I fared, but I like to think I mopped the floor with my friends and little brother. My sixth grade intramural team won first place in our city league, which is the extent of my accolades.

On my thirteenth birthday, I received an electric guitar. I had ideas of rock and roll grandeur, but learned about punk rock, which lead me back to cold reality. My attention waned from basketball to music. I found the Dead Kennedy’s, Sex Pistols, Ramones and oh so much more! Maximum RocknRoll took the place of Sports Illustrated. I became infatuated with music, which railed me against the "jocks". In hindsight, all of that seems so insignificant, but in middle and high schools I’m sure we all agree there are divisions and that we choose where we stand in them.

During this time Tim Duncan was drafted. I no longer followed the Spurs, but kept hearing how Duncan was surpassing Robinson. Falling back on my earlier memories I denied any possible way Duncan could ever eclipse the Admiral. Manu came, Tony came, I still drank, partied and rock & rolled. Ever the anti-conformist, I even remember denouncing the Spurs, just because I am in the San Antonio area and everyone loves them here, I just couldn’t join in.

Not until 2007 did I really fall back into the fold. Well, I had previously remitted on my stance against the Spurs, but I wasn’t into them the way I am now. What changed you may ask? Well, I had dinner with Tim Duncan. Well, not at the same table, but his table was about three away from ours at La Hacienda. My wife and I were celebrating my birthday and our anniversary, when she quietly pointed him out to me. Looking in the direction she indicated, hell yes, it was Tim freaking Duncan! My mind swam, could I get an autograph? Should I run down to the Walmart down the street to get a basket ball and Sharpie? In the end I decided not to bother him. He was dining with what I assume were his kids and mother-in-law (Amy was not at his table). It was painful, but I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt his family dinner. I resigned myself to enjoy our dinner all the while stealing glances at #21.

I find myself seven years later, enjoying the Spurs franchise more than I ever have, even from the days of trying to dunk on the lowered rim. True, we haven’t won a championship in that time frame. Dragic tore us up, we were upset by Memphis and OKC and don’t remind me of last summer’s pain. All the while through my inconsistency as a fan, our team has integrity. As an adult I can form my own understanding of what this team means to many of us. Honesty, dedication, loyalty and consistency are a few words some may use to describe the Spurs. Also, I now can admit Timmy is the greatest Spur of all time. Having dinner with him in May 2007 was one of the best gifts I could be given, a renewed love of my Spurs.

As we end our 2013-14 regular season, it is fitting to reflect on these things. This could be the last year Tim Duncan shoots a bank shot for the Spurs. Ginobili’s inconceivable passes will come to an end soon, and Pop may ride off in the sunset with a glass of pinot noir in hand. So now I ask you fellow Spurs fans, from elder statesmen from the Gervin era down to the the bandwagoners from last year’s title chase (we won’t judge you… at least not publicly). If this is your first post or your umpteenth thousand comment, I’d love for you to share your experiences with this franchise. GO SPURS GO!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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