GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Cavaliers

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs completely dominated the Cavs after a poor first quarter and scored 109 points in the last 36 minutes of the contest. The team combined for 39 assists on 43 shots which bested their previous season-high of 34 by 15%. Let's check out a few of the plays from the game.

This first play starts with Spencer Hawes fronting Tim Duncan as Danny Green looks to get the big man the ball down low. In order to counter the fronting defense, Danny passes to Tiago Splitter at the top of the key to make the entry pass to Duncan easier. Immediately, Hawes forgets he's the only man guarding Duncan, and rushes to double team the Brazilian. This of course, makes the pass to Duncan even easier, and he finishes the wide open dunk.


Here we see the Spurs in transition. With the floor spread, Boris attacks Anthony Bennett with a slight hesitation before exploding around him and finishing with a nifty little layup. Boris was great on Tuesday, finishing a perfect 7-of-7 from the field while grabbing five boards, dishing three dimes, and notching a steal and two blocks. Great stuff from Le Croissant. This was a much-needed bucket as the Spurs had been struggling to score up to this point.


Here's one of Boris' three assists. Aggressive Boris attacks the Cavs again with a strong move toward the paint before spinning through the lane and leading Patty Mills to an open spot in the corner with a midair pass. Nothing but net for the Aussie, who catches and shoots in a single motion. Great stuff from Bobo, and Patty acknowledges the dime with the obligatory post-assist point.


Here we see Kawhi Leonard dunk the ball. It's one of my favorite kind of dunks, too. It's the I'm-going-to-shoot-a-three-actually-I-think-I'll-dunk-it play. The Spurs are just getting into the half-court and Mills gets the ball to Whi at the wing. Leonard gives a slight fake before using his youth and athleticism to drive through the lane and finish with a pretty one-hand jam. #fullsquad is dangerous, and Whi is looking good.


Danny Green had a great game and he finished with 24 points which ties his season-high. Scoring isn't the only thing Green did and here we see him run a hand-off pick-and-roll with Duncan. He curls off Timmy and drives into the lane. Jarrett Jack steps into the lane to take it away from Green, so Danny goes airborne and hits the rolling Duncan with a nice pass. Timmy immediately goes up for the dunk and the bench approves of two more points and another assist.


In the last play we see Ginobili drive baseline. As soon as Ginobili drives Danny is moving to the corner. Manu leads Danny to his spot with a wraparound bounce-pass and the Tar Heel knocks down the open triple. Aron Baynes hasn't seen much playing time lately, but he's still a good teammate. He's up and celebrating the play with a fully extended victory-arm-raise. 39 assists on the night. This team is so easy to root for.


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