Final Score: Spurs win by 20 but ugly over Kings, 99-79

It wasn't the prettiest game to watch. In fact, it was downright ugly for the most part. But the Spurs got their 12th win in a row on the first night of a back-to-back in Sacramento. The Spurs will look to extend it to 13 as they visit the Golden State Warriors tomorrow night.

The offense wasn't quite what it's been for the past several games. The Spurs couldn't make a three for much of the game. I forget the actual number, but at one point the Spurs were like 1-of-14 from deep. Kawhi Leonard hit a triple from the wing in the first quarter, but besides that the boys were as cold as they've been in years. Manu Ginobili finished the game 0-for-6 from downtown.

It was a strange game, tightly contested for much of it, but the flow was awful. The refs upset both fanbases with a slew of interesting calls.

The Spurs were able to keep the Kings from scoring much, and they almost got to 100 points as they cruised to an easy win over the young Kings.

Hey, it's late March and the Spurs keep on winning. I think we would have liked to see them just destroy the Kings, but sometimes the ball just won't get in the hole. I mean, 20% from deep? That's an anomaly and the Spurs probably should have won this game by 30. 20 is not too shabby though. In fact, it's crazy the boys played as bad as they did and won by such a gaudy number. On to the next challenge in Oakland tomorrow night.

Your Spurs improve their league-leading record to 52-16. Go Spurs!

If anyone is interested, the Spurs have now covered eight of the last nine spreads Vegas has put out. The boys are not just winning, they're winning by more than the only expert's predictions i think are relevant. I mean, anyone can say something, but without skin in the game, you're just talking. Impressive stuff.

Quick Notes:

  • Marco Belinelli led the way for the good guys with 17 points off of the bench. Five other Spurs scored in double figures as the team managed just 38.7% from the floor. Even worse, the team shot just 5-of-25 from beyond the arc. And they won by 20. Strange stuff.
  • The Kings shot 40% from the field, but they turned the ball over 15 times to the Spurs' nine. They also lost the rebounding battle by four and were bad from deep, where they hit 4-of-14.
  • Tim Duncan could not get anything to drop for most of the game. He finished with 10 points and nine boards though.
  • Timmy also tallied six assists for the third straight game. The Spurs have not lost this season when he reached the six-assist mark. Tiago Splitter finished in twin figures with 11, moving the Spurs' mark to 21-0 when the big Brazilian scores 10 or more.
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