Game Links: Spurs vs Pistons

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

So this is what a home game looks like. Welcome back Spurs. Here are your game links for Wednesday's matchup against the Pistons.

Game Flow | Shot Chart

In PTR’s recap, Chris Itz explains that his own "confidence in the team is so much higher with [Kawhi Leonard] on the floor." Chris points to the Spurs sharing the ball in this win, and rightfully so. Also be sure to check out the cool Patty Mills highlight mix he put together.

Paul Garcia, of Project Spurs, notes that "as Leonard returns, so do normal roles." Plus, he goes on to explain how the Foreign Legion is ahead of the curve.

Report Cards – Trevor Zickgraf of 48Minutes of Hell issued the players' grades. Let’s see who brought the class average… "down under", shall we?

In his post-game interview, Kawhi Leonard mentioned that his hand "is still healing, but it's tolerable to play."

They don’t make them like they used to. In case you missed it, check out Manu’s shoe in action.

Check out the mileage on the tread – Manu logged in 1.9 miles against the Pistons. Overall, the Spurs covered more ground than their opponent: 16.9 miles vs 16.1 miles.

Coach Gregg Popovich: ''You get 34 assists, that's really incredible. So the ball movement was fantastic, the pace, we rebounded a little better. It was a good win for them, being on the road so long. Coming home, they were a little anxious, playing a little fast in the first half. They calmed down and started playing solid basketball.''

Interim Coach John Loyer: "You tell yourself you are in the game, down three or four, and then it turns into an 11-point game before you know it. That's the mark of the Spurs."

Also, if you check out the "Inside The Arena" portion of the above article, you can read about the time Pop waited on Bill Clinton at a mexican restaurant in San Antonio. He may now have his retirement plan in order.

The moment we've all been waiting decades for has finally arrived: a new episode of the Sandwich Hunter has been posted.

Standings – The Spurs find themselves just a game and a half back from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Coach Scott Brooks may have seen this coming, but he couldn’t prevent it.

Bonus NoteRockets also lost against the Clippers, as they play musical chairs in the 4th and 5th spot in the West.

Up Next: Gary Neal and the Charlotte Bobcats.

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