Unofficial Game Preview: Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons

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You up?

Hey. You up, kid? Lookit what I found! Come on, roll over!

Can you see it? Here, I'll hold it closer to the light.

Yeah, kid, it's a ring. I ain't never seen anything like it in here before. Lookit how shiny it is. Big ol' thing, too. In ex-Detroit this woulda fetched thousands, millions, I dunno.

Huh? I found it by the fence at the end of the work yard. I bent down like I was tying my shoe, snagged it, then pocketed it before they could spot me.

You know what my first thought was? I thought they were gonna catch me going through the work checkpoint scanner. But see, I thought of that. I pulled an old screw out of one of the yard benches and slipped it into the pocket of the guy in front of me, and they nabbed him instead. Huh? Oh, don't worry about him. Maybe some extra labor, no dinner. Something minor.

But here's the important thing: this means they were here. It means I was wrong, I was an idiot. You were right, kid. And everyone else who's been spouting this stuff about liberators, the resistance, all of that. You all were right. Someone's been here.

Look, there ain't never been a ring this nice, this shiny, in this city for a long time. This here's the ring of a free man, of a winner. That means there's somebody close who's living outside of all this, and maybe he, or they, are thinking about us. Even visiting us on occasion. Right?

I'm gonna--hey, did you just hear something?--I'm gonna stuff this under the bunk for now, but I got an idea. Who's that guy you know who's been outside before? Jonas? Are you and Jonas still cool?

I'm thinking if Jonas can maybe get in touch with the owner of this ring, we can tell them about our situation, and they'll come for us. Even if they're far away, even if they've never heard of us, you know? I mean, look at this thing!

No, I ain't sendin' it with him! Then there's no point for them to save us! I'll just hang on tight to this little gem and see what the liberators have to offer. See if I can get a nibble. And you keep your mouth shut about it, too, except when talking to Jonas.

Who knows? Maybe things are looking up around here.

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