GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Suns

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The Spurs received a beat down in the desert on Friday night against the Suns. Let's take a look at a couple of plays that stood out before we agree to never speak of the game again.

It was shaky, but not a train wreck, in the beginning for the good guys and they even had a lead after the first quarter before the wheels came off. It looked easy enough at the beginning. Here's big Tim Duncan finding Boris Diaw moving from the baseline and through the left block. Bobo wastes no time attacking Miles Plumlee and connecting on a 10-foot hook from the middle of the lane.


You see what I mean--It started out with some easy buckets for the good guys. Here we see them in transition with Danny Green bringing the ball up for the Spurs. He makes one little pass to Diaw, who makes a tougher, but not terribly difficult bounce-pass to Big Fun through Plumlee and PJ Tucker. Timmy puts the ball gently off the glass for two more points. Piece of cake.


It's another easy bucket for San Antonio we'll see here. Again the Spurs are in transition, this time with Patty pushing the ball up the court. Matt Bonner is wide open under the basket but the Aussie doesn't have a passing lane to get him the ball so he quickly gets the ball to Marco Belinelli in the corner. Beli puts some red pepper on a pass to Bonner, who wisely shoots the ball with a high arc to keep it out of Tucker's reach.


Early in the second quarter we see Tiago Splitter and Patty run a high pick and roll. The rolling Tiago receives the ball at the elbow, takes one dribble between two defenders, and of course finishes with that reverse layup that he loves so much. Sparkles is pretty quick here, his calf must be feeling better, and to be honest I was pretty impressed by the move. This put the Spurs up by six, and it was the last time the Spurs were really in the game. We got 12 and a half minutes of Spurs basketball before the desert sun left the team dehydrated and weary--the basket a mere mirage.


Following that Tiago layup the Spurs failed to score for like 20 minutes. It was maddening watching all of the balls rim out, and that was when the good guys were fortunate enough that they didn't turn the ball over or allow Phoenix to secure an offensive board. After a 19-0 Suns run the GOATPUFF eventually stopped the bleeding with this and-one. What's there to say about Timmy at this point. He uses a spin move and excellent patience to get a bucket while sandwiched between a couple of defenders. It's great stuff, but it was too late--the damage was already done.


In the last GIF from the game we see Timmy with the ball at the elbow waiting for the play to develop. There's quite a bit of motion from the silver and black. Cory Joseph moves from the right corner and curls around Duncan before hesitating just slightly and driving to the hoop. He gets a step on Dragic and finishes with a nifty layup off the glass. He puts the right English on the ball and it drops through the net. Hopefully the Spurs get a win, and maybe Kawhi and Tony, for the next edition of GIF Breakdown.


The guys get four full days in their own beds, enjoying the amenities of being home, and presumably slathering aloe from head to toe. Sunburns can be rough.

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