Things look good from here.

Happy game day y'all!

There's been a lot of talk from many outlets about the state of our San Antonio Spurs and whether or not it time to press the panic button. The answer is a simple "no, It is not time to panic." The Spurs are about to finish a stretch of six games in eleven days in which they've faced 3 "elite" teams, losing to both OKC and Miami with today's game against Houston still to be determined. Tomorrow is against a mediocre team in the Bulls who's actually starting to find some light in their painful season. The Spurs could realistically go 3-3 in this stretch, that aint bad for a team missing 3 defensive minded starters on a defensive minded team. Look at any team and take away 3 significant (non-star) players from their 8-10 man rotation. Many of those teams will either struggle and lose or over play star players in an effort to keep things from going south.

EXAMPLE: Golden State, take out Draymond Green, Harrsion Barnes and Andrew Bogut for a month and tell me how many minutes injury prone David Lee and Steph Curry will have to tack on for that stretch. Sure, that's the reason they made the trade with Boston to shore up the depth of their wings (Brooks, Crawford) but their front line is and has been suspect after their two starting big men. They would be able to keep it together but in the long run that would probably kill them. Luckily the Spurs have the tools to battle through these tough times. Tools like the beef (Diaw, Baynes) in their PF/C depth, a very useful "resting for the playoffs" system and scrappy players like Mills and CoJo to bring maximum effort and have well defined roles with light contracts.

Point being, I don't feel like a trade or any shake up is necessary just to give temporary relief when you've gotten to see exactly how your team and bench players can handle this mid-season situation. There are bigger problems for many other teams, I am satisfied.

Here's a quick look at midway point records from this year and last year.

2013-2014 record: 33-11 -Jan 28
2012-2013 record: 37-11 -Jan 30

Last year the Spurs finished the season in the 2nd seed, I still expect them to finish there when this season all said and done. We ALL know the Spurs begin to tighten up and turn it on when the Rodeo Road Trip comes along and come into playoffs hot from then. Like last year, the road trip will be 9 games long beginning Monday against the Pellies and like last year they look like they can go 7-2.

Splitter was expected to be out 3-5 weeks and this is the 3rd week. So Spliiter will be back and will hit the ground running right in the thick of the RRT. We're week 2 of Green being out and he'll need 3 more. Sadly, we're barely on day 5 of Kawhi being out for 4 weeks. Optimistically, we could be getting back each player about a 7-10 days apart from each other with more than enough time for things to come together before playoff time.

I'm kind of excited at the prospect of what things will look like after our guys are back from injury. With luck and love from the Basketball Gods we could go the rest of the way without any other major injuries and show the "experts" that this old team still has what is takes to win another Championship.

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