A trade possibility

Disclaimer: This article was started before Kawhi broke his metacarpal

This is a trade that I think makes sense for the good guys. As we all know by now there have been reports of the Spurs being "unusually active" in this years trade market. Even though this is a four team trade this seems to get everyone where they want to be, we also must assume draft picks and Euro stash comes into play here. So let's take a look at this.


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What the Spurs are getting:

Spencer Hawes from the Sixers
Mike Dunleavy from Da Bulls.

Hawes is on the last half of the year on his contract, we'd be getting him as a rental now and probably nothing more than that after the season. He's a shooting four with capable rebounding. In 40 games this season he's averaging 13.8 points and 8.7 rebounds a game along with 3.5 assists. His season and career average shooting is at around 46% which is ok for the type of shots he takes (Splitter is high 50s but mainly takes inside shots). He also has a PER of 17.10

Dunleavy is a stable bench 3pt specialist who's not very mobile but is a serviceable defender. He's shooting a nice 41% from 3 (Danny Green is at 38%, Belinelli is 49%!!) this season and is helping the Bulls stay afloat after losing their primary ball handler/scorer Derrick Rose. He's got a PER of 13.10 and he's from Texas, cool!

They also get the all important open roster spot which they can use to sign another wing perhaps someone from the D-League (Fells, Howard), an over-seas player (Hanga, Denmon) or a free agent (Sasha Vujacic, Rip Hamilton, or Shannon Brown).

What the Spurs are giving away:

Matt Bonner, Danny Green, and Nando De Colo

We all know the story with Nando, he's fallen out of the rotation and is a good player deep down but he doesn't fit the Spurs mold. Bonner is slowly falling out of the rotation completely and he's in a contract year. Danny Green is a great 3&D threat and I love him but he's really the only desirable piece the Spurs have that they're willing to trade away, I think.

What the Bulls get and why:

Evan Turner from the Sixers
Gary Neal from the Bucks

Turner's name has been on the block for sometime now and it doesn't look like he's gonna stay with Philly long-term. Gary has been on the edge in Milly-wah-kay since his verbal match with Larry Sanders, he's going to go make his money elsewhere.

Why are the Bulls doing this? Assuming other assets will be thrown their way (a 2nd round pick from Philly's stockpile?), this deal makes sense to Chicago for this season and next. They get rid of Captain Kirk and bring in Gary Neal who's a better fit at the 2 now that Augustin is playing well for the Bulls and he can be a viable bench option next year when Rose is back. Evan Turner can probably take off in this system and maybe sign on after this year.

This year they'd have a team of Augustin, Butler, Turner, Boozer, Noah, that should launch them back into the (L)Eastern Conference playoffs. Next year it could be Rose, Butler, Turner, Mirotic, Noah. Looks good for them.

What the Sixers get and why:

Ersan Ilyasova & Luke Ridnour from the Bucks

Danny Green & Nando De Colo from the Spurs

Look at that red number at the bottom of the trade machine: -7 wins! Exactly what they want PLUS who doesn't want a versatile player like Ersan? Coach Brown would licking his chops to have Ilyasova, Noel and either Wiggins\Parker\Hood as his front line next year. Ridnour is an expiring contract that can provide some veteran leadership and back up for Michael Carter-Williams.

Danny Green becomes their starting SG and Nando is perhaps a player he likes from his time with the Spurs and wants to give him that Manu role he was supposed to take when coming to SA. The only thing here is that Philly has a whole mess of back court players, that may present issues so tweeking may be required.

What the Bucks get and why:

The Contract of Jason Richardson from the Sixers

Kirk Hinrich & Nazr Mohammed from the Bulls

Matt Bonner from the Spurs

Assume they take on the J-Rich contract for a future first rounder (maybe the Pellies pick) and a second rounder from Philly. This is because he's been out all season and will come back some time after the All-Star Break, he won't make any difference on this team. Also assume they'll accept a second rounder or two from the Bulls for taking the expiring contracts. SAS just sends Bonner to make the money balance out.

Most importantly, the Bucks get to raise the white flag on the 2013-14 season and try beat out the Magic and Jazz for the worst record in the League.

Now that we know Kawhi will be out for about a month, this still makes sense sending out Danny Green, who'll be back in a few weeks. So that's it, what do you think?

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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