Why not Love?

I am proud to introduce my first fanpost. YAAYYY! *Arms flailing in the air like Kermit the Frog* This is an opinion piece about the future, "ooooo" I will provide little to no numbers as far as stats go, because, ain't nobody got time for that, but I will provide a hefty amount of side notes and quips (as detailed in parenthesis) as well as crazy contract predictions. I do assure you though, that this will at least make you rub your chin and say "hm not bad." So without further ado I present my recent thoughts.

I've been fantasizing lately about 2015.

I've noticed EVERYONE comes off the books in 2015 for the good guys except for Mr. Tiago Splitter Biems, there's 1. Of course the idea is that GOAT PUFF and Obi Wan Ginobili will be retiring after winning back to back titles *Oh yeah* so we will be launched into a new era. I think we can all but guarantee that Kawhi will be extended, 2, Tony has expressed that he will look into becoming a free agent for the first time but we need not worry, Timmy had Orlando, Ginobili had... whoever and Tony's got the Knicks. Ew. Yeah, I doubt he'll go anywhere and then we can all rejoice when he retires as a San Antonio Spur. Woohoo! So there's your future big 3. Right? I think so. I also personally think Marco Belinelli will ABSOLUTELY be offered an extension, graciously accept, and become a permanent fixture in San Antonio and the AT&T Center for the next 5-8 years. Now there are 4 starters, I'm getting somewhere I know it!


Let's look at next season's free agent Spurs: Boris Diaw, Matt Bonner, Nando De Colo, Patty Mills and Aron Baynes (Side note: Tim Duncan has a Player Option for 10M, which he'll take championship or not, the dude looks better than than guys 10 years his junior, amirite?). So who comes back? Fan consensus suggests that it's Diaw, Mills and Baynes. But if Diaw and Mills command more money, (which they will) would they take it to go somewhere else?

I do see the threat of good ole Patty melt leaving us, either if a team decided he be their number one PG, (NYK? LAL? MIL? IDK? WTF?) which seems unlikely or if they paid him a nice chunk of change, right now he's only making 1.1M, given the right buyer they can give him Manu money (7M) or more! I predict him coming back to SAS for less than 5M/yr because a certain thing comes into play with Patty. He seems to have found his niche in this system, he's a terror on defense and a god send from beyond the arc, but he rarely handles the ball or acts like a PG, as of now he relegates to Manu or Marco on the foreign legion which essentially leaves him to be the Danny Green of the bench team (minus the ICYHOTness). Sooo he's truly an undersized SG, where does that put him in the Post-Manu era? More on that later but first, SIGN THE MAN.

Now to Diaw, Boris is 31(!) and has one more big contract coming to him, he's shown he deserves it in this contract year. He's making 4.7M this season I expect that to be bumped to 7-8M if he decides to go elsewhere but if he would be so kind as to staying for 6M/yr that'd be great. He's a Frenchman who's in a town that has a great love for their foreign players and is in a system that is complex and revolutionary (especially for role players). There is too much to like here in San Antonio for him to be moving on, but then again I do not know his motivations for contract negotiations. SIGN THE MAN.

I don't know if y'all know this but Baynes is a cheap long term project and we can reap the benefits and if we sign him to 2M/yr (I don't think he'll command much more than that, unless Pop decides to UNLEASH BAYNES sometime in the next two years) that would be oh so sweet. SIGN THE MAN.

2014 re-signees - 3 players - 12M

For some reason, The Red Mamba has a lot of haters. I am not one of them. I think he is an excellent fit for this team and I also happen to think he could get picked up somewhere else because of the demand for "stretch-fours" these days. He's a decent rebounder, sniper from 3, and is one of the many things that gives Dwight Howard (O-VER-RATED) fits. Yeah, he's fallen out of the rotation and is the #5 bigman, straddling the end of the bench looking for spot minutes or sitting behind the bench in street clothes. In a weird way, which is totally becoming of the red one, he fits... now, but later? When he's 35? Probably not. I hope you get your shoe deal Mamba.

The Nando hate, on the other hand, I can see (I don't hate him but I can understand that gripe). Every time he's in other than garbage time I cringe (much like I did last regular season when Manu was at the point in the waning minutes of the game). He was supposed to be the second coming of Ginobili but Marco seems better suited for that role. He's shown flashes but I think he'll be another system casualty like RJ.

So I've cleared two spots for next year's roster, and I'm giddy with excitement after this year's free agent grab where the return on the investment is already paying for itself. Marco Belinelli has been a revelation and is part of our future, I'm sure of it. Jeff Ayers is starting to "pendergrasp!" (PUT IT IN THE LEXICON!) the idea of playing Spurs ball or real basketball, *Oh yeah* considering that he's sort of a fringe NBA player outside of SA give the guy another small 2 year deal.

Ok, that's settled, let's look at the following season's free agent Spurs: Tony Parker, Timothy Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Marco Belinelli, Kawhi Leonard, Jeff Ayers, Cory Joseph and Malcolm Thomas. NINE free agents! Duncan and Ginobili retire and the big three's window closes with an O'Brien trophy. That brings the number to seven free agents. Tony, Marco, Kawhi are shoe-ins. Danny, Jeff, Cory and Malcolm let's talk.

I think we can keep Cory Joseph as our number 3 PG and fill-in starter for TP9, he won't fetch too high of a paycheck and even so, one must be grateful to a franchise who used a first round draft pick on a projected undrafted player. PLUS the guy could just explode in the coming years, he has an eagerness to better himself and that should be respected. Say 2M/yr. SIGN 'EM UP.

Jeff Ayers and Malcolm Thomas, unless either of those guys has a breakout season next year, we can lock them up on the cheap under 2-3M/yr each. "Really?" you ask. Thomas is easily on the top 5 list of NBADL "Players to take a chance on." Spurs got him, Spurs must keep him. Ayers will be solid next year and in the future, I know it. He's not a double-double guy or someone to hand the keys over to by any stretch but the energy that he brings is something every team needs. SIGN THEM BOTH.

Danny Green, I like you, I really do. Your performance for most of the Finals (especially those blocks on Lebron) and all of the playoffs was unreal and memorable. Your defense and overall play for that matter, considering your background as roster cut waiting to happen, leaves nothing to be desired but we have greater designs. Goodbye and thanks for all the threes.

2015 re-signees (besides Belinelli, Leonard and Parker) - 3 players - 8M

Greater designs!?! Well look who's finally getting to the point. As you may have guessed by the title, this article is about Kevin Love!! who could possibly take over as our next star big man. We had The Admiral, Big Fun, followed by Kevin Love. I LOVE the way that sounds. Imagine a starting lineup of Tony Parker, penetrator, finisher and kick-out man. Marco Belinelli, three point specialist and wildcard. Kawhi Leonard, Lock-down defender and multi-purpose tool. Tiago Splitter, Defensive anchor with a developing repertoire of back to the basket hooks and shots. And Kevin Love, Stretch four extraordinaire and 20-15 machine. His presence could change the culture of our rebounding aggression. The Spurs would be the rebounding kings of the WORLD, try taking a board away from Leonard, Love and Splitter, God himself would think twice. Second chance points would be a thing of the past for the opposition, our nightly box scores would be stacked more stats than we know what to do with, Bill Land and Sean Elliott could never keep up.

"I'm sold, how do we do this?" As everyone knows, the San Antonio Spurs are run by geniuses, they're ahead of the curve. They actually know what they're going to for 2015 and they have backup plans for the backup plans. Could Kevin Love be the prize they sought when they wisely negotiated every contract they've made for the last two or three years. What is our future after Tim Duncan? How do we sustain success? As mentioned earlier the Spurs have only one player signed past 2015 so there will be money to keep the ship afloat after the captain retires. Splitter makes 8.5M in 2015, PATFO front-ended his contract to make room for BIG signings. Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker are our future. If a grand scheme is presented to him and he likes it, we don't have to pay him 20M/yr (Hopefully about 14-16M/yr or less). There is really no better place in the world for Kawhi than San Antonio, he will command a hefty price but with luck on this organization's side as it has been since 1987 when David Robinson was drafted, we could get him for as little as 8-10M/yr with promise of a big contract later. Loyalty is rewarded in the town, in case you haven't heard. Belinelli is a different story, I think he's hit pay dirt, will he be willing to sign for less than 6M if he knows the great plan?

4 players - 36.5 Million.

So that's 10 players for 56.5 million. There's also the hope that the spurs can tighten just a little bit more I'm being as close to realistic as I think.

Is it possible we can sell the idea of winning championships to Love for less than 22M/yr? I think so. Supposedly, there's this idea floating around that "Everyone knows he wants to go to the Lakers." Ew. He can take the big money and limelight but after Kobe they don't have a future. Say we sell him on it for 18.5M/yr, 5M more than he's making now. That'll put the good guys at 75M! Thats just about what they're at right now but 3-4 more signings would have to come That means they would have to possibly pick up championship hunters, like bringing back RJ for the Veteran Minimum of 1.2, for instance, and then they'd have to cash in their overseas chips who are willing to take the minimum along with various rookies and free agents or NBADL players like Dan Nwaelele. It seems tough and complicated but the Spurs can pull it off.

All of this is obviously a stretch but it can be done and (further) domination is what will come of it.

So, I was thinking as a project that after ever Spurs game I may do some scouting and grading for the opposing team just to see if there are any good players I like.

Also, I'm sure later I'll figure out how to put pictures and gifs to pretty up the page. Anyway, Thanks y'all!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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